This is the last time I fall In love

January 24, 2010

The first time I fell in love was long ago.
I didn’t know how to give my love at all.
The next time I settled for what felt so close.
But without romance, you’re never gonna fall.
After everything I’ve learned;
Now it’s finally my turn.
This is the last time I’ll fall… in love.


12 Responses to “This is the last time I fall In love”

  1. aedachucky said

    Can’t seems to stop listening to this and thinking about both of them. I sense a fic is coming yayyy~!! 😉

  2. pseudoalia said


    twin, this is just. JUST. URGH.

    *gigit meja*

  3. aedachucky said

    AAAAA I know twin. While listening to that song I browse through my Doosoeb’s folder. Ahhhh I dunno but this picture just suit with the song and I can’t help smiling like an idiot. HELP ME I LOVE THIS TWO.



  4. pseudoalia said

    OMG TWIN IT DOES. this pic is like amatch made in heaven for that song. UGH DOOSEOB. you guys are alkasajdksafjdsgfsdk.

    listening to this song made the doojoon in my head like this:

    ‘that song.’ doojoon smiled.
    ‘what song?’ yoseob kept a straight face, but the faint but growing colour in his cheeks betrayed him.
    ‘[i]that[/i] song,’ doojoon said again, as if it explained everything. yoseob pretended not to hear him. he could feel doojoon eyes on him and for the first time in his life, they didn’t make him relax or offer any assurance like they always did.
    ‘it’s a radio show, they asked me to sing it, you know, the usual stuff.’
    ‘well,’ doojoon started, and boy, didn’t yoseob felt like he want to swipe that smug grin off his handsome face, for once?
    ‘they said you sang it like you’re truly in love.’
    ‘well,’ yoseob started, tried to look into doojoon eyes and face him confidently, but looked away immediately, because what was [i]that[/i] he saw there? it looked a lot like summer skies and bright sunlight after the rain. it looked like happiness so overwhelming that yoseob was afraid that he would stop breathing.
    ‘well,’ he started again, this time nailing his gaze on the floor. ‘it’s just means that my acting has gotten better then, you know, the stuff that we always get drilled about, and it’s good, right…’
    ‘sure,’ doojoon said, and pulled him close, and yoseob was quite sure his heart really did stop beating for one and a half second, ‘as long as it means you really mean it.’

    then, as if he was resurrected from some strange death-like dream, his heart started to beat again when doojoon kissed him.

    • aedachucky said



      OMG DOOJOON TQUT@YY%$!$#!$%@$#!@!!

      Dear Yosoebie, please stop pretending yes we know that u’r truly in love with “someone”

      *Yoseobie is my head is seriously blushing now*

      Chuck must stop grinning like an idiot ( and she fails)

      • pseudoalia said

        aaaaaaaaaaa i’m glad you like, bc the doojoon in my head right now is like, tailing yoseob EVERYWHERE he goes, and has this sick-in-love puppy-eyed look on his face, and yoseobie is pretending as if he couldn’t stand it, but SECRETLY likes it.

        they’re like SERIOUSLY in love in my head now.

  5. aedachucky said

    OMG this time is the other way around!! Usually Yoseob is the first one who will do all the first move and everything and Doojoon is exasperated (although we know that he loves it). YES, who ask you to sing that song? * Yoseob’s cheek sangat merah sekarang* ;PPPPP

  6. exiledvg said

    you “Twins” are DooSeob obsessed! I like it! kekeke…

    when i first watched Yoseob sang that song..i was not thinking “Dooseob” but after reading this post i sooo changed my mind… it’s totally Dooseob!
    While watching Seob i can so imagine him thinking about Leader, he just has such a dreamy expression(especially when he’s closing his eyes)… to quote from pseudoalia fic….‘they said you sang it like you’re truly in love.’ ….sooo true!!!!
    i love the whole performance but there are two parts that i love very very much (love them for the words & Seob expression & the “Dooseob”-ness i experience) …
    “the first time we walked under that starry sky (pause that vid :Seob is thinking about DooJoon & their “walk”) *major fangirling *i can so imagine them doing that ..& …maybe holding hands* .
    ..and finally … Seob declaration of love to DooJoon *of sort…according to this fangirl anywayz*
    “as far as i can see, there’s only you and only me, this is the last time i’ll fall in love”… the end…. for now…

    • aedachucky said

      Hello there! I am so sorry for the late reply bb. i hope you don’t mind ;P
      Well whenever Yoseob sing a love song, made it Ordinary People, or Cracks of the Broken Heart, my mind will always think that…yeah, it’s for that special someone that we already know ( hahhaha talk about being obsessed ;P).

      I know right? Those dreamy expression, with that smile on his face, he sang like he really really meant it,

      ..and I APPROVED everything u said dear. You nail it. This is why we call it one of the many Yoseob love letter to Doojoon 😉

      “as far as i can see, there’s only you and only me, this is the last time i’ll fall in love”

      🙂 Do visit this page more often for more DooSeob cracks ok? :DD

  7. pseudoalia said

    omona i’m so sorry for getting to your comment late! D:

    i know i’ve said this before but thanks for dropping by and commenting, most times me and aedachucky are pretty sure people would run away after reading a few posts because we can get pretty batshit insane here…and, yeah.

    also, OHHH I AGREE WITH WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT YOSEOB SINGING ‘THE LAST TIME’, esp part where he closed his eyes, he really looked dreamy, and i noticed he has this nice dreamy smile whenever he sings love song, even ‘ordinary people’, and ugh, my mind automatically tells me that he’s thinking of his doojoonie! 😀

    nowadays, everything is a dooseob trigger for me. and when you mentioned imagining them walking ‘under the starry sky’ and holding hands…lakjdshgdssajksjfksaljfksal. I CAN SEE IT TOO 😀

    bear with us, drop by more often and don’t forget to say hi!! 😀

  8. exiledvg said

    i’m back!!! sorry for being MIA.. will drop by more often… no matter how many times i see that vid.. it always makes my heart melt

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