101209 performing ‘Oasis’ live on a radio show

January 25, 2010

one of my favourite among Beast’s radio performances. why? let me count the reasons… 😛

look at how yoseob reacting to doojoon’s greasy spoken part in the beginning of ‘oasis’. 0:11. he went ‘ewww… ‘ but all doojoon did was? patted/touched his head. apparently, leader-yoon loses all ability to get angry around yoseob. in my country, we call that BIAS. 😛

and they looked at each other like, so many times throughout the performance. ALL PD PLS NOTE THIS: PUT DOOJOON BESIDE YOSEOB IN ALL LIVE PERFORMANCES/SHOWS, OK?

1:09 “you make me fly and smile again….”

and we also have maknae loving from junhyung this time! hahaha 🙂 comel.

2:01 “you’re the one always in my heart…”
2:23 “just like arainbow after a shower of rain…”
3:05 “you’re the long-awaited rain in my draught-like days…”

ahhhh….this performance is just so much dooseob heaven ♥


2 Responses to “101209 performing ‘Oasis’ live on a radio show”

  1. aedachucky said

    Awwwww..I remember watching this and and thought of how adorable were those two. Doojoon LOVES to spoil Yoseob’s kan?? Aish *coughbiascough*

    ughhhh…the lyrics and the moment sangat appropriate, it’s like they’re sending secret love message through song and some eye contact, Everytime I listen to Oasis it will remind me of this performance ❤

    WORD. PD must put Doojoon and Yoseob besides each other ok! I give you guys cookies.

    p/s: the Junhyung part with maknae sangat cute awww..

  2. pseudoalia said

    srsly, kan twin? looking at all the ‘appropriate’ moments they looked at each other, it’s so hard not to think of it that way!!

    also, OMG SERIOUSLY. OASIS=DOOSEOB LOVE SONG. i cannot listen to the song WITHOUT thinking like this. SERIOUSLY.

    oh, and we should do a post on ‘good man’ too. ajajajajajajaja

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