I change my ‘Mow Mow’ wallpaper again

January 25, 2010

My favourite photo of them..just because they look so effing gorgeous and good together

p/s : Find this old article while googling Dooseob 😀


2 Responses to “I change my ‘Mow Mow’ wallpaper again”

  1. pseudoalia said

    OMOOOO…these boys… *squishes* they look so good and so FITTED together, don’t they?? but twin, i like the pic where yoseob is holding on to doojoonie’s arm…SO PERFECT.

    i spent my lunchtime today re-watching inkigayo DMR over and over and over again. so expect a post on that soon ;p

  2. aedachucky said

    ooh i like that picture but tak jumpe a clearer version. I love this picture because doojoon looks like this hot gorgeous looking bf protecting his lover ie yoseob which looks pretty, cute, and insecure ok i’m talking nonsense but u get what i mean right :p. Anyway, i’m in oldtown right now. I’ll be posting something too tonight! 😀

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