100112 Attack the Gas Station 2 VIP Premiere – Beast Fancam

January 26, 2010

Starting from 0.43 onward,




5 Responses to “100112 Attack the Gas Station 2 VIP Premiere – Beast Fancam”

  1. pseudoalia said

    OMONA!!!!!! XDDDD

    you and i know that i will see exactly the same thing too, right? right???? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDD

    (all this excitement is making me hongrryyy :PPP)

    but yessssss, 0:43 for some whispering between the two and 1:05 for that suspicious leaning!! yoseobie, what are you doing??

    and after watching this fancam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjUl_xDEQMQ

    you can see how they were walking to get inside the cinema, yoseob with hyunseung, doojoon at the back in between kikwang and junhyung. and suddenly they ended up sitting side by side, eventhough it should be more natural for yoseob to be sitting with hyunseung since they were walking together, but suddenyl doojoon is in between yoseob and hyunseung??


  2. pseudoalia said

    also, you should watch this too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FibXDqm1PWw

    it’s a hyunseung fancam, but you can clearly see how yoseob gave doojoon his undivided attention while he was talking during the pres con onstage, and then there’s one point where doojoon looked at him. and then yoseob laughed cutely! ahhh boys! 😀

  3. aedachucky said

    (daymmm this is my second comment wordpress swallow my long comments uaa)
    I like that suspicious leaning very very much ok
    Oooh I think that is a three seated row, Hyunsung, Doojoon and Yosoeb at the back and the rest of the boys sit in front of them ( because Doojoon kinda talk with some people in front of him) Well anyway, YES I like the fact that Doojoon has to sit in between Hyunsung and Yoseob I mean, logically supposely Yoseob sit besides Hyunsung right? YES to leader power hahha. Doojoon need to keep Yosoeb all to himself, I mean they were making eye contact during the interviews before that with Yosoebie giving his undivided attention and all that cutesy act and Doojoon try his best to become a good unbiased leader but fail. BOTH FAIL so NEXT TIME STAND BESIDES EACH OTHER ( but nanti the rest kena neglected so I think that’s why most of the time they have to stand apart from each other). Since leader geram tgk Yosoeb, the only time he can keep Yosoebie all to himself is in the cinema of course.

    …and you boys, I dunno what happen after that, but err..you guys kinda end up in my dream last night. Sleeping close to each other and with Yoseob arm around Doojoon’s waist, causing me to have this idiotic smile whenever I thought about it . Oh bois whyyy 😀 😀

  4. exiledvg said

    ohemgee!! *dies* that coughstalkercough* fancam of DooSeob in the cinema is WIN!@ 1:05 that “suspicious lean” … i guess Seob forgot for a second there that this was a “public” press covered event… and was starting to do what comes naturally to him, which is, lean/cozy up to Doojoon when in dark (semi-dark) places or when watching a movie…kekeke

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