Bittersweet feeling

January 30, 2010

Last performance from Beast, nsssk nsssk I’m going to start  missing them.

Come back soon boys

Yes, of course we have Bad Girl + Mystery performance as their last performance on Music Core

and YES! Bad Girl performance means DooSeob moment too right? aaaa 😉

So as usual, I’m anticipating for that DooSeob moments part , and at 1.06  Yoseob slightly slap Doojoon’s butt ( and Yoon-leader kinda stand there and wait for that moment to happen 😉 ). Awwwwww :’-)

I’m going to miss this two

Credit : UnknownCarrot@youtube


2 Responses to “Bittersweet feeling”

  1. pseudoalia said

    to make matters worse, that buttslap is so…half-hearted 😦

    but the boys are looking daaaaamn fine as a whole, so yeah, not complaining…too much :PPP

  2. aedachucky said

    Yeah I know. It’s almost doesn’t exist, it was too quisk I even need to rewind it.

    But yeah they look sharp and soo good I’m not complaining much too. They did osaam for their last perf. Bogoshipunde bois.<3

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