Secret Smile

February 6, 2010

There’s a secret smile I wear
upon my face when you’re there beside me.

picture: credit as tagged


2 Responses to “Secret Smile”

  1. pseudoalia said

    Oh, I LIKE. the pic and the quote are like doojoon and yoseob, fits each other so gdamn well.

    What i like the most, though, is how their shared smile is SO ISOLATED FROM THE OTHERS; junhyung and maknae were so into the song, but they were just, SMILING TO EACH OTHER.

    OH BOYS! *squishes*

  2. aedachucky said

    Yeah.. I know right? They are like so into each other,SO ISOLATED like u said. How I wish I can see Doojoon’s face but from the look of it we know that he has this big smile on his face looking at Yoseob. Yoseob is beaming, he looks so happy. There something about that smile that say something like I’m so glad that you are here by my side or in love 😉

    <3<3 sheesh they never fail to make me smile alone like an idiot

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