Sticky! DooSeob is TrueLove 101

February 7, 2010

It’s probably necessary to take note that this blog is a continued effort from


so it’s like a pre-requisite for this blog. Something like those introduction courses you take in college, ONLY MUCH BETTER 😀

Since this is a sticky, ALL NEW POSTS START BELOW 😉


9 Responses to “Sticky! DooSeob is TrueLove 101”

  1. aedachucky said

    like a mini tutorial ;D

    p/s: “Pimp Post of Doom” hahhaha XP

  2. pseudoalia said

    ahahahaha! because i don’t think ANYONE CAN DENY the DooSeob OTP power after reading your pimp post. no one is safe from DooSeob! 😛

  3. cookie said

    Hello~I saw all the thing of Dooseob in your website.
    You are so good to write so detail of them.
    I have a question want to ask you.
    Because I am very curious.
    I am the fan’s of Dooseob.
    But I still have this doubt.
    That is~ Doo Joon and Yo Seob are couple?
    I mean do they love each other?
    I mean are they gay?

    • aedachucky said

      Hello hi there 😀 thanks for visiting this wordpress.

      Yes about their relationship, wow I will try my best to answer this ( although Alia will answer this better than me) I won’t say it that way, but I would like to think that? Like couple. Wow this is kinda hard to answer :PP I think it’s up to people to think to what extend is their relationship is. Bromance, couple, close friends..I mean is up to our own imagination.

      Ok maybe I fail explaining it but I hope you got what I mean >.<. Ok Alia definitely have to answer this 😛

    • pseudoalia said

      hi dear ^^ thanks for dropping by and enjoying our posts in this blog ^^
      okay, answers to your question:
      1) they’re not a couple as in romantically involved, at least not that we know of.
      2) i’m sure they do love each other, like all bestfriends do…
      3) as far as we know, no, they’re not gay
      …at least these are what we officially know about them.
      but this blog is a place to celebrate a fandom, that is DooSeob.
      so we point out the kind of things that we think is true from our observation of videos, pictures, etc. and that is basically something along the lines of, these two look incredibly good together, and their closeness is borderline inappropriate for ‘just friends’. in short, we like the idea of them together and possibly romantically involved too.
      but of course we’re not representing the thoughts, actions and opinions of the real Yoon Doojoon and Yang Yoseob.
      this blog is about a fandom honey, we’re not disseminating official information about the boys.
      hope you understand. ^^

  4. cookie said

    Thank you aedachucky and pseudoalia answered my question.
    I have cleared about them now.^^
    Sorry my English is not so good.
    I am very happy you guys can understood what I type.
    I will visit your blog frequently and if I leave the reply I hope you can also understand what I type too.

    • aedachucky said

      No problem bb :DD ahh glad that you understand too ( yes we can understand you perfectly). Yes we love comments so leave us a lot of comments ok heheheh :P.

      Thank you for visiting this wordpress ^^

  5. momo-chan said

    dooseob is real!!! wow i can’t wait for more skinship!

  6. Choc-o said

    More power in your blog. 🙂

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