Jealous leader vs 4D boy

February 13, 2010

He is one hell of a jealous lover. OMG why is everyone trying to seperate this two!!!


p/s : But but but at 0.11 is just ;DDD, Yoseob is so “manja” while he’s doing that  and then I go awwww..I wanna give Doojoon a hug. Jealous and hot at the same time. It’s ok bb, your YangYo is not going anywhere, don’t worry ;P


I just have to put this clip, because boys singing JYP’s Kiss in the car is just…I LOIKE.

Dooseob at the back, Doojoon’s looks so hot when he sings his part (add lip biting and licking WTF) , YangYo try to act sexy and flirty is just, I wanna pinch his cheek omg you are still cute to me ;P , slight DooSeob moment at the back around 1.11,  and the rest try to seduce each other (focus on Dongwoon and Junhyung 0__0)


7 Responses to “Jealous leader vs 4D boy”

  1. pseudoalia said

    OMONA JEALOUS LEADER!!! one more clip and we can make a vid out of it or something 😛 first it was that beach scene with junhyung, then in the studio clip with kikwang!! who else? aaaaaaa IDK WHY BUT I LIKE THIS CLIP SO FREAKIN’ MUCH, and AJ POINTING AND LAUGHING AT LEADER IS JUST A++++ 😀

    most importantly, i want to know what kikwang said to yoseob in the end of that vid. and i think I KNOW whatever doojoon said to yoseob to interrupt his and kikwang’s moment is SO MUCH BULLSHIT that yoseob just sort of laughed and bumped him off XD why too adorable, boys???

    and i SWEAR even my boyfriend didn’t go as far as displaying such SOUR look whenever he gets a little jealous. DOOJOON YOU ARE JUST SO AMUSING!! XD



  2. pseudoalia said

    and singing kiss!! OMG SO MUCH LOL OMG. i guess junhyung is just, flirty with whoever when he feels like it 😛 doojoon’s SMEXINESS is probably ruined by the cute neck pillow, BUT OHMYGOD GIVE ME CUTE SMEXY LEADER ANYTIME, sorry yangyo ><;

    yoseob acting sexy is a bit jarring, not that the kid ain't got no sexy bone in him but he is too squishy omg. and i get shocked everytime i see his MANLY hands. oh yangyo!

    • aedachucky said

      OMG I am more amused looking at Maknae and Junhyung..omg that two, so scandalous. Oh yes I kinda agree with what u said about Junhyung ;P. I was busy looking at leader’s lips. I looking YES.

      Ohh yes Yoseob-ie , this just proves that even your hair is not blonde you are still freaking cute and you just cannot become sexy IN PERSON, you are just so cute and need to be squish. YES I know you can be sexy too sometimes ( when he get all serious and when he performs), I’m confused. Yeah at this one part I thought is someones hand, it’s kinda shocked to know that it his hands, so manly. Yoseob just love noraebang-ing. So hyper this cutie haisshh ❤

  3. pseudoalia said

    also, also, a bit offtopic but i’m in the process of uploading our Dooseob playlist on my mediafire account…should we make it available for download?

  4. aedachucky said

    Hahhahha..I watched it again tonight ( and I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it). Yeah I know right? We need at least one more clip of leader getting jealous. OMG he is so freaking hot and adorable when he’s jealous..awww poor Doojoon. His facial expression was priceless. I REALLY LOVE THAT PART when Yoseob laugh and playfuly bumped him off, yes trying to get YangYo attention by talking crap, THAT WAS FREAKING ADORABLE OK. YOU TWO ARE FREAKING ADORABLE. Doojoon don’t want to share Yosoeb with anyone. Oh yes, the part where AJ pointing out to Doojoon, sort of saying “see him getting jealous”. I want to know what Kikwang whisper to Yosoeb too!

    A++++ clip!! I LOVE IT!

  5. […] March 5, 2010 I’m sure everyone remember when Doojoon was jealous because AJ got Yoseob for himself in the recording studio […]

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