Their clips should be more like this one

February 16, 2010

why? because DOOJOON IS BESIDE YOSEOB. Result: shoulder and chest touching ensues, and then there’s the looking at each other moment. Many of them. And A LONG ONE TOO XD

Let’s go through it one by one, shall we?

1) I can’t believe I’m saying this but, 0:00. Yes you got that right. They began the clip by looking at each other. And Doojoon’s hand on Yoseob’s shoulder that would stay like that for almost 90% of the clip.

2) Another note for posture. I don’t know what Doojoon’s right leg is doing slightly askew and behind Yoseob’s left. I really don’t. But SHOOT ME IF I DO NOT LIKE IT XD

3) 0:07-0:14. Pause it, rewind it, replay it countless time if you like. The best 7 seconds in a group clip/interview where it seems as if the rest of the boys do not exist and they’re the only ones there. YES. XD

4) 0:16 for another looking-at-each-other moment.

5) 0:23 for another camera pan-in of ONLY DOOJOON AND YOSEOB, and CHEST TOUCHING OMG.

6) 0:38 arm linking πŸ˜€

and Doojoon keeping a lid over Kikwang’s childish excitement is just GOLD. Old man, I srsly love you, no offense to Yoseob πŸ˜›


4 Responses to “Their clips should be more like this one”

  1. aedachucky said

    Waaaahhhh!!! πŸ˜€

    OMG I LOVE THIS VIDEO!! THAT 7 Seconds moment. OMG I agree with everything you said!! OMG sangat comel aaaaaa. I keep on replaying that part it sooo. gaaaahh!!!

    Doojoon at KiKwang at the end of the video LOLOL OK THAT WAS SO CUTE OK.

    But Yoseob teeny cute moments at the end of the video is sooo *squish*. I hope u still that cute eventhough u’re not blonde anymore.

    Awww twin I’m starting to miss them I dunno why. This vid really reall make my day. Thank you huuu.

    I’LL BE COMING BACK WITH SCREENCAPS INTERNET HATES ME NOW. Nothing is going to seperate me from my OTP!!! Lousy internet u sucks -__-”


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