100217 Sungshin Women’s University OT Fancam

February 21, 2010

Yang Yosoeb with his new hair. BB is being cute and adorable and flirty as usual *squish*



Credit: B2STalert02@youtube


5 Responses to “100217 Sungshin Women’s University OT Fancam”

  1. pseudoalia said

    yoseob being his usual self, manipulating leader with his cute you-can’t-be-mad-at-me look and leader whose weakness is Yang.Yo.seob.

    OTP made in heaven 😀

  2. pseudoalia said

    I’m sorry but i can’t deal with Doojoon’s fancam. Boy is TOO GDAMN FCKING HOT for me to handle.

    I…I just can’t. T___T

    Yes, my obsession is getting a wee bit too painful to bear with these days D:

  3. aeda said

    Awww twin. Anyone who don’t fall head over heal over leader is just..you know ;). He’s so handsome, kind hearted, funny, gorgeous, humble..ahh i know u can list this down better than me right?

    Twin, have you finished with that John Mayer inspired fic?

    Whenever deprive I must come here. Our Dooseob’s heaven <3. What are you guys doing right now? Huu

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