Miscellaneous Doojoon & Yoseob stuff

March 7, 2010

1)  [RADIO] 100305 Maybee’s Volume Up Radio – BEAST

@ 2.43: Father and son? Ahh dj noona, you should really read their cyworld love letter chat.

They are more than that ;PPPP

Doojoon caressing Yosoeb’s hair is SIMPLE LOVE 😉

This need to be screencapped because my OTP look so freaking adorable together

2) Some old DooSeob pictures ❤

I’ve never seen any of this before  =D

3) Yoseobie picture of the day.

Awww poor bb, sleeping near the trash. I want to be that stylist noona

This is the second time I saw YangYo lying on the table. Me like it so much!  ;P

4) Doojoonie for my twin

OK there are too many hot Buckaroo pictures of Doojoon. I will choose my top 3 hahha omg I KNOW IT’S NOT EASY OK!! THIS IS ONE OF THE TOUGHEST THING I HAVE TO DO (ok dramatic wth ;P)

Twin, are you dying happy right now? I really hope Doojoon has save your day, seriously.

Pictures credit as tagged, taken from Beast@ Soompi, B2strising.com.

Video from B2stalert02.youtube.com


3 Responses to “Miscellaneous Doojoon & Yoseob stuff”

  1. pseudoalia said

    OMG. twin. OMG.

    i haven’t seen those old photos either!!! and wth was yoseob doing in the second pic?? i cannot stop looking 0___o

    third pic is so much freakin’ LOVE. sitting side by side and drinking and they look so similar with tee and cap and OMG SO CUTE BOYS WTF. i really love how they have similar style, and similar simple tastes, and look! Doojoon in darker shades and Yoseob wearing something light coloured again….ahhh my bbs!! 😀

    OMONA. i don’t have the last pic yet. AND THANK YOU FOR DEDICATING THESE PICS FOR ME, BRB DYING NOW BB. *tears of happiness*

  2. aedachucky said

    I haven’t seen it too!! I guess Yoseob try to take something from Doojoon on the second pic? 😉

    Yes I like it that picture where they sit besides each other very much. Ye I agree with what u say about their similar fashion sense. They even wear their hat the same way. WTH so cute!!

    No problemo! You want a napkin? ;p

  3. pseudoalia said

    i’m still staring at that mysterious pic. wth were you doing, yang yoseob and yoon doojoon? 0____o

    takpe, tears of happiness dia sikit je. macam prop je. the rest is actually rabid fangirl screaming. that is, after i got right back from the dead 😛

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