100312 Super Junior Kiss The Radio – BEAST

March 17, 2010


I just finished watching all 6 parts of the recent SUKIRA interview. OMG, to think that I don’t even understand hanggul at all, and I brace myself watching all of the interviews just to spot some DooSeob moments..ahhhh, the thing that I do for this two.


So yes, of course my favourite OTP sit besides each other again ;DDDD. (This is like the third time they sit besides each other in radio interview since their comeback OMG THEY CAN”T JUST STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER RIGHT??)

I won’t go too details for each part but here are some of my favourite DooSeob moments.


@1.18-1.22 : I love Doojoon’s reaction when he look at YangYo. Just saying 😉

@5,23 : Ahh I see that Yoseob, totally holding leader’s hand;P

@5.51- 5.56 : I ship that 5 seconds of Dooseob little moment. Don’t know what are they talking/laughing about but it’s definitely cute ;P

@3.51 : Yoseob laugh and sorta lean to Doojoon ❤

@6.35 : This two just love to fool around

@7.35 : …and again. What are they doing I don’t even know ;P

@2.40: LOL WTH was that you two? Goofballs XP

@4.36 : Yoseob caress Doojoon’s hair, and sort of play with leader neck, and Doojoon turn at look at Yoseob. OMG MY LIFE WILL BE COMPLETE IF I CAN SEE YOSEOB IN THE VID!!!  WTH but but I adore this OMG I wish there’s a picture taken for this part ;__;

@ 0.43 : This part is so funny. According to a fan, Yoseob forgot how to do his aegyo part or something, but as soon as Doojoon count “1,2,3” he goes Whoaaaahhh!!!! ROFL..and Doojoon just laugh!  Aegyo = SUCCESS!

@3.56 : Whenever Yoseob acting dork, YES, leader will join in ;P

Ok did I just said that I won’t go too details with the review? fail -____-”


..and ohh, plus 2 new pictures from SUKIRA interview



Credit: b2stalert02@youtube, Beast@Soompi


2 Responses to “100312 Super Junior Kiss The Radio – BEAST”

  1. WooSo said

    i rly rly love these two they r dorks, cute, the sweetest thing ever ! <3333
    Dooseob moments are Love ❤
    thaaanks alooot

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