[Screencaps] 100322 SBS Power FM Sweet Sorrow’s Ten Ten Club

March 27, 2010

So I was like watching all the 7 parts of the video without knowing wth they were talking about Y__Y, and end up making several screencaps of my favourite boys, sitting besides each other, being cute and all, smile and gazing at each other eyes.

Enjoy 😉

Awwwww..my favourite 😉

and this one too 😉

…and this too 😛

Just look at that gap between Yoseob and Dongwoon, and ehmm..between Yoseob and leader.

Just saying ;P

This is adorable nssk 8D

OMG this too!!!! Agagagaa ;DD

Everybody say AWWWWWWW..


4 Responses to “[Screencaps] 100322 SBS Power FM Sweet Sorrow’s Ten Ten Club”

  1. GreenLand_ said

    Okey… I support it…



  2. So cute! I love how Doojoon’s arm just happens to be “resting” on Yoseob’s chair.. O:)

  3. icybb said



  4. aedachucky said

    I wish I could make a gif but I’m just lame, I don’t know how to make gif T__T . I need to learn to make a gif I think aissh. Anywayglad you guys enjoy the screencaps. They never fail to make me aww-ing and gushing, too cute!! ;D

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