Random DooSeob Moments #8

March 28, 2010

damn AJ you’re such a distraction in this picture ;P

I can never get enough of Pre-Beast DooSeob. Boys look different back in the day

Blondie Yoseob

I see you there Doojoon.

Can’t seem to take his eyes away from that cutie pie right?  😉


AAaaaa OMG OMG I LOVE THIS PIC!!. Must I explain why? :’D

Should I cut it like this?

Dies 8D

..and some DooSeob-ness in this video ;D

Credit: mybeastyboys.wordpress/com, Beast@soompi


10 Responses to “Random DooSeob Moments #8”

  1. So that last picture… Definitely looks natural for them… and Yoseob is uhmm……… “Whispering” into Doojoon’s neck instead of his ear??!

  2. aedachucky said

    Ahh damnit they are like so CLOSE together, and Doojoon’s hand at Yoseob’s back, and and Yoseob whispering to Doojoon’s neck, shit I’m incoherent now. I’m a happy fangirl ;’)

  3. pseudoalia said

    alskdjfhgfhjdkslaskdjfg. several days later, and i’m still incoherent over this otp-ness. omg boys! 8D

    • aedachucky said

      This is my phone wallpaper. Imagine how crazy I am whenever I look at my own handphone -____- “”

      …ok maybe I shoud change the wallaper to something else. But that picture is freaking scandalous I don’t even…GAHHHH!!!

      • pseudoalia said

        why should you change it?? daily dose of otp happiness will do no harm 😀

        i still dread thinking about their 2nd season documentary. it’s like my love-hate relationship with junhyung, i want but i do not want. so how?? 😛

  4. aedachucky said

    Junhyung said in this new interview that they still sleep in a same room. We still have hope /gets bricked

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