Doojoon & Yoseob at LAX Airport

April 29, 2010

The boys areย  in LA right now!

Posting some of my favourite photos here.



Yoseob hunting for Doughnut as soon as he arrived ;D

..and Doojoon. Pretzels perhaps?

Doojoon glancing at Yoseob ..oh we can see that Doojoon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dooseob and Dongwoon ^^


Oh bonus!

Have you listened to their new version Easy?

Download here

I think it’s going to be their new single. OMG I LOVE IT!!! :O

Credit: as tagged,Beast@Tumblr, HSally210x3@b2strising


15 Responses to “Doojoon & Yoseob at LAX Airport”

  1. pseudoalia said

    So this leather jacket is Yoseob’s new favourite thing? ;P (aside from Doojoon…who is, and always should be, his favourite person) XD

    ahh, so quick with the link! i’ve dloaded and have listened! and burned it for listening in the car ๐Ÿ˜›

    and Doojoon’s back view!!! alskkfgsdasdjkfkh. yes i’m weird. and PLEASE don’t ask why i’m key-mashing. there’s a reason for everything…. XDDDD

    • aedachucky said

      Yeah I know right! Ahh I really want to see them both wearing leather jacket at the same time. I imagine they will look so good and hot together :OO

      I like the idea of them living to LA and left the new song behind for the fans to listen. Don’t ask why, i don’t know I’m just weird lately hahah. But yeah i like the song! Can’t wait to see them performing it live!

      YES I UNDERSTABD TWIN! Doojoon’s back view. Yes I understand. Could be the same reason I’m obsessed with that Yoseob’s backview pic . IDEK IDEK IF I WERE THERE I WILL GO SQUISH HIM HE LOOK SO CUTE. Ok calm down. ;D

  2. sevy-chan said

    haha dooseob at the airport xD LOL

    omgeeeee i haven’t listened to it yet D: i don’t know when I’ll get to… working (TT TT) maybe at lunch…

    but so- is it official? easy is their follow up?

    • aedachucky said

      It’s ok Sevy, you can listen to it later ok?=)
      .. and tell me what you think about it after you listen to it ok?

      I think so, a lot of people said it’s official though. hmm..

      • sevy-chan said

        i got to listen to it :3 and I love it! I think it’s official too, since they even reported that the follow-up song would be remade as a new version :3 I especially love that you can really hear each member’s voices clearly ~~

      • aedachucky said

        I love it too!!:D Well as much as I love the old version (and I love this boys so much of course ) thank god they get rid that background engrish “e-e-easy go…she was so easy” 0__0. It makes me cringed, although I always turn myself deaf whenever I listen to their bit of engrish stuffs, but that part sometimes just made me wanna LOL. OMG how much I love this boys IDEK >_<

      • sevy-chan said

        lol- i actually liked the background english xDDDD but yeah… yoseob… if he’s BEAST’s best at english… i really worry for the boys xDDDD b/c seob might /know/ the words but… his pronounciation… makes it… so hard… to even attempt to understand ;__;

      • aedachucky said

        I know right. I think Yoseob can clearly read English, and well his pronounciation is not ..that..bad..I think? Idk i might be bias >_< But Dongwoon is from US right? He is supposed to be good in English don't you think? Well at least we know he understand it, I mean from what we see in Beast Almighty Ep 2 he help translating what Yoseob read from English to Hanggul. I don't know the rest of the boys but I know Yun Leader has pretty funny English going on there kekekkekek ;PP yes Alia will agree with me in this( it's cute ok it's cute but lulzy!)

        Update this post with new photos ^^.

      • sevy-chan said

        well- i mean- yoseob’s english in the /song/ is good but… when he’s just speaking…. i don’t know- his accent is so heavy xDDD

        NO- OMIGOSH, NO! Dongwoon is /NOT/ from the US, bb! NOT FROM THE USA~~~~~! he’s from korea D: fully korean, only korean~~~ but the reason he knows english is probably b/c he’s /just/ out of school, and they all learn /some/ english in their school systems. i’m guessing that after yoseob, dongwoon knows it best, then.

        lol yay new pics~~! *goes to look*

      • aedachucky said

        :O really? OMG I was wrong after all this time. I really thought he is from US I don’t know where did I read this *major fail*. Thanks for the clarification though.

      • sevy-chan said

        oh goodness, i’m just glad i was able to clarify that for you, unni~
        even though… he really doesn’t look like he’s /only/ korean haha

      • aedachucky said

        kekekkeke..yeah, he is proud to be called Arab Prince or something. He doesn’t look Korean at all does he? Even her mum doesn’t look Korean to which is so weird.

      • sevy-chan said

        i know, right? he really doesn’t look it…

        ooohh you’re so right! his mom doesn’t even look it! i don’t know… they must have /something/ else in there somewhere… i can’t imagine that he’s /pure/ korean, right??

      • aedachucky said

        Yeah I think so too. That’s why I was quick to believed the rumour that they are from US lol XPP I mean yeah maybe his grandparents especially her mum site.

        Sevy dear have you checked the Fancam of the boys at LAX on B2stalert? OMG why I’m so excited I don’t know but those fancams were awesome. And this girl even get to be near the boys and even get Dongwoon’s autugraph ( OMG maknae is soo freaking good looking with his aviator glass)

        I wanna watch the rest but the internet connection suck so so bad. Unni is going to sleep now I’ll chat with u later ok. It’s morning there right? Good morning Sevy and have a nice day ahead ok ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

      • sevy-chan said

        haha that’s my guess too- maybe his grandparents on his mother’s side…
        no i haven’t! i guess i’ll go look at it now :3
        *watches* omo they are IN THE STATES OMIGOSH! although… i’m all the way on the other side of the continent ;__; i really wanted to go- but i didn’t have the money for a flight and hotel… *sighs* but unni will [hopefully] get to meet them ๐Ÿ˜€ have fun!

        goodnight unni! sleep well! yes, it’s during the day here now ^^ thank you~~

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