[MTV/ 010510] Beast – Almighty ep 4

May 3, 2010

It’s finally up :D. Thanks to TheJessicababo @ youtube.

Ahh yes!!  Spot some Dooseob moments in the first part. *wink*

I watched this yesterday and OMG both Doojoon’s and Yoseob’s hand are destined to be together ( ok wth -__-” but but it’s true!! ) . Since my internet is lagging now, I can’t checked back and state which time this moment actually happened, but I remember in the early part of the video, Yoseob sort of caressing this cat plushie on the ” Beast Almighty” mail box, and Doojoon sort of, ehmm.. join him and stroke the plushie too. Yes it makes my inner fangirl happy to see their hand sort of..touched..accidentally..well I don’t care. The (accidentally) holding hand moment is approved! 😀

..and I’m not sure what kind of game they were playing at the end of the video. The Beast boys have been given this several pieces of black cloth and they have been asked to tie their hand with their choosen partner (I think?)  Well..it’s interesting to see that Yoseob  “voluntarily” tie his hand to.. who else?   Doojoon. OMG I swear he is being possesive or something.  XDDDD

The funny thing about this part is, for some reason I think Doojoon don’t fully realised ( that his hand is being tied by Yoseob)  because he was too absorb in giving explanations to the rest of the boys.  The next thing he knows, when he started to move forward, he realised that his hand was already tied. Kekkekek …and there was Yang Yoseob at his left side, fixing the knot innocently. OMG it was so cute.  I’m not sure what happen after that but there was this brief “Dooseob Aegyo moments” where these two dorky boys all of sudden started being cute and giggly together.WTH YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE AND DORKY!!  SQUISH THIS TWO TOGETHER!  :DDDD  Doojoon after that,  adjusted the knot  ( maybe because Yoseob tied it too tight? Hmmm ;P )

OMG long explanation is long aacckk sorry  ;PP . Here are the rest of the episodes.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Still don’t have the chance to watch the rest yet ( the internet connection is so bad, very bad and it’s almost a week now huu  ;____; ) Will edit more once I found some more moments ;P


10 Responses to “[MTV/ 010510] Beast – Almighty ep 4”

  1. sevy-chan said

    pahahaha xDD i noticed this too- but i didn’t catch all the details xD i was too absorbed in the “WTH ARE THY TYING THEMSELVES TOGETHER???! I DON’T CARE IF IT’S A GAME- IT’S FRICKIN /WEIRD/, MAN!” lol xD i loved how junhyung tied this own hands together xDDD

    • aedachucky said

      IKR :DDD Can’t wait for the subs. Yes my job is to spot the DooSeob moment ;P( every detail of it tehheheh) heheh this is not good for me health. I’m just obsessed and will spot any slight Dooseob moment t__t”

      But yes Junyung is always a distraction in anything that I watch lately, he was so gadkjgtkudytqw! cute when he tied his own hands I was like oh yeaaaaahh I kinda like it /gets bricked

  2. pseudoalia said

    umm. i still don’t know what the hell were they doing at the end of the video/what is this game in which you tie your hand to another person’s/how did yoseob, who was sitting at the far right beside kikwang, ended up tied to doojoon, who was sitting second to the left.


    • aedachucky said

      Seriously I have no idea to. IDK what the heck wre they doing BUT I KNOW THAT YOSOEBIE IS POSSESIVE LITTLE CUTE HORNY VIOLENT BOY.

      ok I swear I didn’t typed that :O

  3. mischievous said

    LOL!!! why yoseob who was sitting at the farthest position end up tying with doojoon ??? kekekeke he’s so fast ;P

    • sevy-chan said

      not fast, just sneaky – if you don’t pay attetion, you won’t realize that he’s creepin’ over to doojoon’s side xD

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