Sticky! Follow us on Twitter ;)

May 12, 2010

Introducing @dooseoblove twitterpage! πŸ˜€

Add us, follow us, we can’t wait to start twittering with you guys πŸ˜‰

Kristine, if you’re reading this, yes we used one of your fabulous photomanips for the background, we hope you don’t mind…? β™₯


21 Responses to “Sticky! Follow us on Twitter ;)”

  1. Kristine said

    Oh Oh, I’m so reading this, and I SO don’t mind that.. I’m actually very happy! *big bright smile + little nosebleed looking at my own photomanip*

    Now the bad part is, My Lovely sweet honey darling photoshop CRASHED today… I’m trying to REpair it, REinstall it, REstart, RE RE RE F$%#&@! RE!
    Well… No photomanip until I fix this &%$^&$#^@RRrrrrr!

    DAMN… And I also have something for You my darlings: ( ignore the fact that it’s PAINT edited…as in Windows’s Paint… ah I wanna die right now…)

    – NO2: – Oh, c’mon guys…

    • pseudoalia said

      photomanips for us DESPITE your photoshop crashing? Kristine WHY ARE YOU SO AMAZIIIING???

      ….and honestly the first one, even only just on Paint? srsly? you have magical ability or sth? wait, where did that even come from? it didn’t look like manip at all! :O

      and the second one is more like how me and my sorry graphic skill would do it. crazy old skool scribble. <333!!! πŸ˜€ boys fooling around! i liiike!

      Kristine dear, you do realize that if you keep spoiling us with these photomanips, then we'll have to regularly change the background of our twitterpage everytime, right? XD

      thanks for letting us use the manip, dear, i honestly LOVE our current twitterpage background! ❀ πŸ˜€

      • Kristine said

        oh no no no, those are not photomanip…
        Did I say they were, so sorry. has to be the storm outside my window, it’s messing me up!

        These are just some crops, Like: prinscreen, paste in paint, crop ,save.. plus one mini red heart. BONUS!

        My skills in Paint are = ZERO!

      • Kristine said

        Oh, forgot to say: Those are REAL pictures. Fan Made Pictures.

    • pseudoalia said

      owhhh! ok now i get it! kekeke πŸ˜› awww, it’s not your fault, it’s definitely the storm, yes it must be! and the photoshop crashing D: all the best on getting a new one and installing! we will wait patiently for all your awesome manips after that! <333 πŸ˜€

  2. aedachucky said

    I’m so sorry to hear that Kristine! Poor you DDD:
    I hope you’re able to fix it though :/

    …and and and you still come here with something for us!! :’D. What is this awesomeness? You are so awesome thanks!! :DDDD

    • Kristine said

      Well, you did make my day brighter …and there’s a storm right outside my window! *giggle*

      P.S. I’m going for a new Photoshop since this one is DEAD! So, wish me luck! Creative Suite 5 HERE I COME BABY!

  3. sevy-chan said

    xD i’m following youuuuu~~ kekekeke YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS~~

    • pseudoalia said

      sevy-chaaaaan! XDDD
      i was just talking about it with aeda last night…’tell sevy about the twitter!! is she around! ask her to follow us!!’ XD yes follow us please!! spreading the madness from wordpress to twitter now! πŸ˜›

      • sevy-chan said

        lol yeah, i saw this and then her email, so i went on twitter right away to follow xD i even have an RSS feed of it now lol~~

        YESSS spread the TRUTH all over the interwebs! xD

      • aedachucky said

        Welcome on board Sevy bb! ^^


  4. heavenrains said

    Let me be on board, too :”>
    By the way, you guys still update on this WP, right???

    • pseudoalia said

      please, please do come on the twitter board! of course! πŸ˜€

      yes dear, the twitter is for alerting updates for this WP, random talking, etc. but our main place is still this wp. <333

  5. aedachucky said

    yes of course we’ll be updating! ^^

  6. exiledvg said

    heck yes i’m following!! got to get my Dooseob fix! i’m an addict i tell ya!

  7. Kristine said

    Ok, What the hell, Just created an Twitter account … And I still don’t know why. O_o

    The first “fallowing” I did was DooJoon. I’m sorry guys you were in second place! *gets bricked*

    • aedachucky said

      kekkekek welcome to twitter Kristine. omg how can you ?? we are the second one?? πŸ˜›

      • aedachucky said

        You followed us after a month we started with the twiitter kekekke.

      • Kristine said

        Yeah, a little late I know.
        I didn’t have an account on twitter when you made this post and I though I would never get one… BUT HELL, DooJoon put a spell on me! *blushing like crazy*

  8. rosma said

    hey !! i’ve been following dooseoblove for the past 2mths % i find it INTERESTING, EXCITING, MIND-BLOWING. just love it!! can you follow me on my twitter acct too?? i’d love to post % share comments with you ((: i’m truly a dooseob shipper!!!!!!!!! my twitter acct is RosssieeeY. thanx !! continue your AWEEESOME job!! fighting (:

  9. cookie said

    HI~I’m cookie!!
    I’m follow your blog for long time to know dooseob:)
    I had a account of twitter yesterday.
    I thought I can follow yoseob’s twitter,but he type Korean,I can’t understood~haha~
    I also add yours:))your news about dooseob are so good!!!I’m so love it:)
    HAPPY NEW YEAR for you guys!!!

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