LA was magical. Time should’ve just stopped there.

May 13, 2010

What did we tell you about LA being a through-and-through Dooseob moment? 😉 Adding another photo to the KMF pile. Dooseob FTW!

Kissy-kiss selca moment? XD

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31 Responses to “LA was magical. Time should’ve just stopped there.”

  1. aedachucky said

    Quotes from a Dooseob fan ” after all the __seob and doo__ couple, dooseob was inevitable” DOOSEOB FTW BAYBEHHH!

  2. heavenrains said

    Yayyyyyy, they’re…gonna…kiss…in…a…few…moment… :”>
    *bleeding nose*

  3. sevy-chan said

    LA really was just one big dooseob moment xD they were the only ones recording/selca-ing together, weren’t they??? oh gosh these boys xD

    [lol yeah, why are they making kissy faces at eachother??? xD]

    i’ve also noticed that BEAST doesn’t really do fanservice without saying so [example: hyunseung on YOZM] or being overly obvious about it. such as the bad girl perfs. i’ve come to accept that everything else is because they’re all close friends, and as close friends, they like to mess with eachother. it’s like another UKiss but subtle xD

    • pseudoalia said

      as far as what we’ve seen, yes? because yoseob and doojoon mostly handle the video cam, yoseob seems to have it with him almost all the time XD

      [don’t ask me why. in fact, don’t ask. I’M TOO HAPPY TO EVEN ASK WHY. lalalalala~]

      hmmm. what did hyunseung say in YOZM? share pls? i’m not too good/diligent at updating myself with these things, that’s more aeda’s…expertise…huhu ><

      well tbh it's cute to see them like that with each other. but don't abandon the dooseob, is ALL i'm asking… T__T

      • sevy-chan said

        lol right right, as far as we’ve seen it’s just seob and doojoon

        [lol ilu unni xD]

        ah- no, he had just said “real time chatting fanservice! kekeke” in one of his posts- i was using it as an example of “when they actually do fanservice, it’s very obvious xD”

        well, yeah xD haha no no, unni, i won’t ever abandon the TRUTH hahaha xD

    • pseudoalia said

      i see, i see. LOL hyunseung, chatting fanservice is TOO simple. you guys should do more dramatic stuff next 😛 and when are we ever going to get more junseung huh?

      LOLOLOL ILU too, sevy! XD

      omg u must think that we’re crazy getting emotional over these stuff…but i can only tolerate other ___seob pairing ONLY IF there’s SUFFICIENT dooseob going around…yes, my BIAS IS STRONG… ><

      • sevy-chan said

        hahaha xD well, it /is/ hyunseung after all lol~~ D: junseung dnw…. i just accepted that i’ve been a closet hyunseung fan, so yeah- NO PAIRINGS FOR HIM, NO! [lol jk jk, i don’t care xD]


        haha no, i totally understand xD i just try really hard not to let my bias take over LOL but i’m the same way xDDD

      • aedachucky said

        Omg possesive fangirl is possesive! I like! OMG I don’t know you have change to Hyunseung it means abs doesn’t matter?

        I never checked Hyunseung YOZM but I know Yang Yoseob is like the king of all fanservice when it comes to YOZM. He just replied to almost anyone. He is so freaking friendly Idk.

        Yeah we can tolerate the other pairing but..when there’s not enough Dooseob, we go krazy like very….><

      • sevy-chan said

        yeah- the change was really recent ^^”” it happened just this past monday haha~ [well, hyunseung is second in line for the body kekeke but no, it doesn’t matter at all for me xD]

        yeah- hyunseung doesn’t seem to update nearly as much as seob or woon, and yes, seob is the king of fanservice there xD but i think he just really enjoys chatting with people.

        xD yes, well, that’s understandable~

    • pseudoalia said

      ooops, closet hyunseung fan! >< ok ok junseung is off the radar now must remember not to talk about junseung with sevy-chan 😛

      but you like kikwang, yes? how did kikwang turn into hyunseung? XDDD this is something i must hear…

      me, i’m defeated by my bias. idk, sometimes i even feel guilty towards yoseob if i fangirl doojoon too much. yes, it’s that bad. ><

      • sevy-chan said

        hahaha xD /was/ – but now i’m very open about it xDD [lol yeah, dooseob is the only “pairing” i like xD … i lied, i like kiwoon too xDDD but not as much]

        ^^ yes! well… yeah xD i don’t know… i kind of new from the beginning [when i found beast] that hyunseung would one day be my favorite- but- yeah- it was sudden xD i was watching the Star Interview [the SHOCK one] and all of a sudden i was like “… okay, forget you kiwi, it’s HYUNSEUNG~ xD” i don’t even know what happened….. but yeah. i always knew it would. but it surprised me xD [i also noticed after going through my beast pictures that i was hyunseung-biased when saving pics from the OT events xDDD] yeah. so- now kiwi is… 4th… in my beast rankings….. [1HS 2YS 3DW 4KK 5DJ 6JH] but i really love them all xD

        awwwww that’s bad but it’s cute, unni xD oh unni! did you see the yoseob avatars I made for aeda unni? should I make alia unni doojoon avatars??

      • aedachucky said

        Kiwoon is cute too! But yeah nothing can beat the TRUTH!

        Yeah Hyunseung looks fine day by day. Omg he just improved a lot. He has this mysterious aura around him and he is so damn gorgeous ( I just finished watching Special performance from yesterday MCD omg he’s wearing sleeveless and I was like :O)

        I’m a closet Junhyung fan :B, he’s my third bias. he should date me and leave Yoseob alone to Doojoon /gets smacked I have hate/love relationship with this guy ><

        Omg I love you ranking! It something different idk, like Alia unni said it's cute how you rank all the two alpha males down there.

        Yeaaahhh…I forgot to show it errkk. Ok I will!! ;P I already use one of it on the forum..and still.. out where to put the rest. Omg I'm spoiled with choice thanks! ( and yes I'm afraid someone else will steal it, it happens one and I'm still dissapointed thinking about it)

        I can foresee your Alia unni losing more blood /drool and then got conflicted later ngehehhehehe..

      • sevy-chan said

        kiwoon…. is not quite truth…. [far less evidence for one, and it’s just friendsies xD]

        omo i didn’t get to watch that yet~~ [is now excited] ^^ yeah, well, he has finally started to show much more of his personality~~ *sighs* i’m relieved to finally have accepted the inevitable HAHA~

        heheh well, i’m no longer a closet fan but- yeah. i had a feeling that you were [a closet junhyung fan]. yeah- well- most people seem to love/hate him xD i really don’t care. he reminds me of an uncle of mine LOL so i find him rather amiable xD

        xDD lol well, Hyunseung isn’t credited enough haha~ and yes. it’s not that i like doojoon and junhyung the least… it’s that… they annoy me more times than the other memebers xD really, kikwang, doojoon, and junhyung are essentially tied for last place haha xD or rather, 4th place.

        i saw that you changed your avatar ^^~ i was happy to see it heehee~~ ah- yes- i put a notice on my user page with the avatars saying that if people want to use them, they have to ask you first. b/c i made them for you~ and so if people come across them they know who’s they are [yours and mine~]

        xD yeah…. alia-unni was very conflicted. but i’m making them. and then i’ll make dooseob ones to end the conflict xDDD

    • pseudoalia said

      LOLOLOL okay, was, but now IS! XDDD but oh he certainly has grown so much and so fine since Big Bang docu days…his recent hairstyle really suits him! i hope he won’t change it…cuz he really does look SO FINE in it…

      wow, you and hyunseung…love at first sight? destinied? :O
      XDDD it’s so cute how your ranking ends with the two alpha males of the group, you obvsly prefer everybody else first! the quiet, the cute, the handsome but cute, the 4D! then the alpha males! kekeke 😛 omoo, kikwang now at #4? i have to say though, his recent Tio ads are too cute to resist! XDD

      aeda told me about it but she hadn’t shown me the pretties yet. must remember to force her tomorrow. haha 😛 she was fretting about how/when/where can she use all 12 of them, and NOT GET THEM STOLEN. yes, her and her possessiveness is amazing. and cute. XDDD


      *bites fingernails*

      *is conflicted*


      aaaaa YES PLEASE? omooo, yang yoseob don’t look at me like that!! ><


      • sevy-chan said

        yes, yes now i am officially a hyunseung fan x3 OMG YES HE HAS AND YES HIS HAIRSTYLE IS/DOES! he best not change it ;__; i love it too much….

        kekeke naw, i have this- 7th sense? i can tell too much about a person just by seeing them once xD altho i don’t know everything that i know [it takes a while to assimilate] but as time goes on, i go “oh! i was right about that!” over and over haha xD so it was moreso “i was right when i knew you’d be my favorite~”

        lol my rankings do end with the two alphas xDDD LOL IDEK how my mind works xD seriously- i have the weirdest taste in men that i have ever encountered xDD … i still haven’t seen the tio CF… i should got watch that… yeah idk why- but suddenly he’s 4th :/

        x3 awwww aeda unni so cute! it makes me happy! oh- i have the avatars on my user page on B2STrising

        xD i’d love to make them, unni ^^~ and how about i include a few dooseob too? so you don’t feel too guilty? yes? i’ll make doojoon avatars for you, and we’ll say that the dooseob ones are for the wordpress keke

      • sevy-chan said

        ;__; i hope he doesn’t change his hairstyle either… this one is just SO good on him…

        xD i actually… didn’t find the tio ads that cute…. the second one was kind of funny but… i just… i don’t know o.O i’m thinking something must be wrong with me but- i just don’t know…

        i think it was decided that i’d do doojoon icons and then dooseob icons, yes xD? i thought i had replied to this but i came on and didn’t see anything (@~@)

  4. Kristine said

    OK OK, I get it. The only thing missing it’s a photo from their Hotel Room, RIGHT? ^o^

    • pseudoalia said


      well, any takers? did we have any REAL HOTEL STALKERS that could provide us with that bit of intel? TELL US, DID THE ROOM HAS 2 SINGLES or 1 DOUBLE? XDDD

      • Kristine said

        ONLY 1 huge lovey dovey bed, YoSeob love it so much he kept on sleeping naked and that’s why he got a cold…
        THE END! >.<

        P.S. If I would've been in LA THEN , I would have gotten arrested… O_o

      • aedachucky said

        you and brain explosive comment kristine omg o__o

        p/s: Got arrested for stalking Dooseob? It’s ok let us join you!! XDDD ( or we come all the way there and bail you out and then we can continue stalking them again wooot!) XPP

    • pseudoalia said

      OMG YES, you made us awesome manips and THEN wrote me a fanfic in less than…25 words? XDDDD ILU, KRISTINE!!!

  5. exiledvg said

    this pic is epic win!
    i love all you Dooseob fanatics(you’re minds/thoughts are treasures)!!

    i was just thinking ONLY Dooseob has a “catch phrase/word” … say the “TRUTH” to any true B2uty & they’ll know who we’re talking only Dooseob has that…

    • aedachucky said

      ^^ yeah the TRUTH is a Dooseob tag but I can’t help feel slightly annoyed when I see they used that tag for other __seob pairing. Ok just ignore me i’m just being possesive of my pairing LOL

      Yes DooSeob’s fan…rawks!! LOL. Oh no no..Dooseob’s fan is the TRUTH. XD Ok I’ll shut up now. Seriously I love you guys ^^

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