Cure for Monday blues

May 17, 2010

Honestly, I HATED MY WEEKEND because I was internet-less. T___T but of course, you can turn almost everything, even hatred, into something productive.

So, in keeping with the spirit of positivism and all (haha) I made DOOSEOB FANVIDS XDDD

(don’t forget to switch on the annotations, bc the lyrics is REALLY one of the best thing about this vid XD)

I mean, I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF DOOSEOB @DANKOOK UNIVERSITY, HONESTLY. It would go down as one of THE BEST of their moments, and the pictures are ALL SO GORGEOUS. Also, because aedachucky loves 4MEN’s 똑똑똑, besides, who doesn’t? (Among our friends, we dubbed this song the ultimate OTP song) And I love her, so this video is (as all of my other Dooseob stuff, fics and all, are) for her.

Love you, twin ♥ 🙂

And then, of course Brown Eyed Soul’s Promise You is actually the accidental soundtrack for my post about their moment in ‘Oasis’ performance at Dankook Uni. So of course I HAD to make another version of the video, right? So here’s a SECOND VERSION OF IT, featuring Brown Eyed Soul’s Promise You, WITH EXTRA CONTENT AND SPECIAL CREDITS. This one is for both of us, and of course, all of you guys who are reading this post and following us at Twitter. And I really mean it too, since this video is only available via URL sharing, and isn’t listed/searchable, so only us, and you guys, knows about this one, so IT IS REALLY FOR ALL OF US HERE. So I hope you guys will watch it and…well, enjoy it, I guess? It was really fun making these two, so I hope you guys will enjoy them as much as I did making them ♥

So there you go. Dooseob to cure your Monday blues (or whatever blues you might have). And really, what else is a better cure than this cute, adorable, good-looking couple, right? XDDD

p/s: twin, honestly, SO TIRED DEALING WITH INTERNET, VID ENCODING, YOUTUBE AND ANNOTATIONS T____T will try and catch up with all previous posts and comment later ok? *iz ded* *__*

aedachucky said: She always made the best Dooseob videos ever.  She even made this video: Cotton Candy-Dooseob Moments and it was still my favourite Dooseob video of all time. Love ya twin, you are so freaking amazing, but you already know that right? ❤


19 Responses to “Cure for Monday blues”

  1. heavenrains said

    Ooohhh, I love these vids so much. The way they look at each other(the arrows are pure genius >. and even tried to kiss him *sparkling eyes*) are love! They’re totally glued by the hips to each other!!!! *squishie squishie* Love you guys even moreeeeee (both DooSeob and aedachucky and pseudoalia and Kristine) <33333333333333333333

    • aedachucky said

      Awwwww…love you too dear <333333. Glad you like the video too. pseudoalia will be very happy when she read this.

    • pseudoalia said

      awwww thank you!!! and we love you too for liking the video as much as you do! 😀 😀 😀 <333

  2. aedachucky said

    Awwwww twiiin :’D . *BIG BEAR HUGS* I seriously love you I’m not even kidding. To think that you have work hard for this two precious Dooseob videos ( and the previous one), despite of all the shittiness with the internet and stuff, I am so overwhelmed :’D ( and poor you, you really need some rest okey). Jumping into this fandom with you is just…I don’t know…it was amazing.<33333333

    ..and of course how can I not love your Dooseob videos ( and all the fanfics that you wrote for me, ahh yes twin, sorry for being a bit selfish before Y__Y, I decided that we should post your fic one day. Everyone need to read it seriously 🙂 )

    I'm going to break this into 3 parts of comment, it's going to be long so bare with me? 😉

    • pseudoalia said

      jumping into this fandom with me? ah,you forgot that you SHOVED me into this one because you were lonely :PPPP hahaha kidding, kidding! no really, sharing fandom with you IS amazing, especially since we have this uncanny ability to drive each other batshit insane…because of fandom, of course XDDD

      waaaiii…wth with this guilt tripping thing? told you the fanfics are for you, they ARE for you, you may share/not share them as you please.

      • aedachucky said

        Aaaaa yeah la, it supposed to be other way around. i drag you along kekkeke, been typing last night with 2 hrs sleep and hyperness. Hhahahha..;PP, ok who’s the one who suddenly out of nowhere wrote a Dooseob fic ni? I wonder why is that? Someone can’t stand the cuteness anymore kekekkek.;PPPP

  3. aedachucky said

    I would like to said I love both of of the video just as the same. Ttok ttok ttok is just the perfect Dooseob soundtrack,the song itself is so so gorgeous (thank you for introducing me to the song) especially because of the lyrics and the song just perfectly fit with all the Dooseob moments in the video. AND YOU EVEN PUT THE LYRICS OMG IT MAKES ME LOVE THE VIDEO EVEN MORE :’DDDDDD OMG THIS IS SOOO….<33333333333. Reading the lyrics while looking at those boys being all so cute and squishy together, they looks like they are really really in love :'DD. And all the arrows and the heart shape that you put in it, I can't stop but smile stupidly, it just so sweet <33333. The look, the smile that they give to each other, omo I think I'm going crazy here. I love you two please stay like this forever? Please stay cute like this forever thank you. I can watch the video over and over with this stupid grin on my face.

    • pseudoalia said

      those hearts and arrows? totally Paint. hahaha i’m so n00b like that 😛 feels like some kid scribbling on photos 😛

      yelah, i know how much you wanted that song for the fanvid. YES PLEASE THANK ME FOR ALL THE AWESOME MUSIC I INTRODUCED TO YOU :PPP

      • aedachucky said

        XPPPPPP YES YES OKEY THANK YOU. I should treat you an ice-cream when I come back later. Can we try get the one with choc and strawberry topping like you one too? Buat keje gile nak tak? kekekkek ;PP

  4. aedachucky said

    The second video, Brown Eyed Soul and Dooseob is just *sigh*, it really makes you wanna go hug something ok. I feel all mush right now aaaaaa. I think i’m going all mushy over the fact that this song really gives me this quiet, warm fuzzy feeling and it perfectly fit with the these moments too, it has a different feel compared to the first video. And the GIF ( even the kissy kissy GIF) , manips from Kristine and all of those pictures that you put at the end of the video, it blends very well with the rest of the videos. I feel all mushy right now. I think I love my OTP too much I want them to stay like this forever. I’m asking too much right?Huu :/ I don’t know why I already started to miss them again.

    …and 4 men for the credits is just a sweet perfect ending. Again thank you twin. I LOVE IT ALL OF THIS SO MUCH!

    • pseudoalia said

      i’m so glad you get the different feelings the vids gave! bc that’s how i feel too when i was experimenting while making them, and i thought, wow, isn’t that amazing, how the same vid can give two different feelings just by switching the song?? O.o and that’s also how i ended up with 2 versions, yeah -___-; i can’t seem to choose between the two!

      i’m happy you liked the vids, really. probably the biggest thing that matters. *hugs*

  5. Kristine said

    Awww, really nice compilations… RErerere…re-viewing all those moment was a good thing! Made me go *Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~*

    Thank you for ‘advertising’ me, even thou there was a type error there. *hugs and kisses* => *Group hug*

    I call it “CLOSER” : , I just made the distance between them a little… well, shorter! 😀

    • aedachucky said

      Hi Kristine! Pseudoalia has been waiting for you to watch it since she used your gorgeous manips in the vids. She will be pleased to know that you have watch it and like it too. 😀

      Wahh really? There’s a type error? You mean..your name? Should notify this to pseudoalia

      “hugs n kisses too” GROUP HUG!

      Aaaa Kristine!! I’ve compared the manips and real photo and YES :O I can obviously see they difinitely look more closer.(and OMG I love this photo so much but we all do right?) You and your talents never fail to impress me seriously!! I’m amazed!! Ahhh whenever I watched this photo or even this manips, I imagine they are getting closer and closer and end up having a kiss aaaaa yes <333. Thank you so much for sharing with us ^^

      • Kristine said

        Yeah yeah, I did see the vid’s( again and again and again…) and Loved them! *kyaaa~*

        Oh, and the last manip was AGAIN made for my soul since they were on the right track but a little to far away… if you know what I mean…and you do, yes yes it’s the KISS thingy! *imagination going wild*

    • pseudoalia said

      waaaah typo? really? wait. it’s the spelling for your DA account, right? omoooo… >< i knew i should've asked aedachucky to check for me, since i was without internet when i did the vid…omooo! once i get good internet conection i'll edit it as annotation or caption, yeah? sorry Kristine! -____-;


      • Kristine said

        Yep yep it’s the deviant art link, has an “E” at the end instead of an “A”, but it’s no big deal, really! I was fascinated by the vid so much that a wrong letter doesn’t matter at all. *group hug*

        Oh, the last manip was , as I said before, made for my soul, and I did work a little on it… Part of it was to test my new photoshop… witch BTW it’s so NEW! O_o

        I’m happy you liked it! 😀

    • aedachucky said

      Ahhhh sorry I don’t realised you’re posting it here too! >_< Ahh like what I've commented, idk why i found this is cute and amusing at the same time ! ( refer to my comment in the latest post). Saving this and will post this later. Thank you Kristine~<3

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