Random Dooseob Moments #17

May 22, 2010


and more!!!

..and that is..Doojoon’s hand, of course 😉

awwww look at them! ♥♥♥

this is for twin, because I miss chatting with her, and she love this so much she even have this as her lappy’s wallpaper 😉

Plus 1 Video

Found this and it’s soooo cute ^^

Last but not least, we would like to say welcome to our Yoon Doojoon leader  (BeeeestDJ@twitter) who just joined the twitter! 😀 😀

Posting his first selca here, boy look so damn fine !!!…..and oh that hand there ( wearing black leather jacket) whose grabbing Doojoon’s arms of course is non other than Yang Yoseob.

Of course we have a prove.

Yoseob is wearing the black leather jacket and Doojoon has the same attire as his selca picture. woooot!!!


PLUS 3 more pictures

Credits: as tagged, beeSAWI@ twitter , ParkNabi23@youtube, epiik:@Tumblr


22 Responses to “Random Dooseob Moments #17”

  1. yoonhani said

    Kya~~ Cant stop smiling 🙂 I knew from the start that they are meant to be together~!!! 🙂

    • yoonhani said

      *1st pics-maybe-dialog*

      Junie : Seobie dear,why are you staring at me like that? do you miss me that much?
      Seobie : Hyung~ *or oppa?* Why u always teasing me like that?
      Junie : Stop staring at me or otherwise i’ll kiss you in front of all people.. ^^
      Seobie : Hyung~ *blush2*

      (Aigu~ i kept imagining these kind of conversation between them these days~^^)

      • aedachucky said

        Ahhhh…hehheh have you been reading some Dooseob mushy stuff lately dear? ;PPPP. Omoo the dialog is cute but I think you can change it a bit because Yoseob never call Doojoon hyung or oppa ( he always call him by his name). Omg I’m sorry it’s just that it will make it sound more real? ;D

      • exiledvg said

        aigoo… that’s so freaking cute!

        that one look says so much
        it’s well known that people in love have(exchange) silent communications.. & Dooseob do A LOT of that..speak to each other by sharing a “look” (speak with the eyes)

      • aedachucky said

        Yes I agree with that! They do that a lot like? Sort of like secret signal or something, which only both of them understand. ❤

    • aedachucky said

      I can’t stop smiling too <333

  2. exiledvg said

    Dooseob loving! *posting random things that pop into mind*

    2nd pic.. Yoseob looks like he’s warning *whoever* to not flirt with his Doojoon!
    Y: back the eff off. He(Doojoon) belongs to me!
    D: u heard him…i’m his

    & that vid… finally i can hear which part of the song they are singing… & isn’t is appropriate for Dooseob that it’s the “I wanna make love” part… Doojoon ok ok we get it..u wanna make love to Yoseobie kekeke.. thanks for making that clear to us….*dies*

  3. shi said

    crappy day was crappy, but DooSeob just made it all better!

  4. shi said

    btw, did you see the video of “Shock: from the 3D Broadcast Celebration Concert? DooSeob were matching! so cute!

  5. shi said

    hey guys! i made a picspam for DooSeob at my livejournal!


  6. exiledvg said

    ok 3rd pic…..
    scenario (debate in Yoseob’s head)…

    hmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm…that feels soooo good… *so tempted to just forget about this darn performance..& just go into Doojoon’s embrace(starts to turn towards Doojoon)* but NO no… I can’t do that..must not disappoint B2uties..
    *gives himself a pep talk* keep it together Yoseob… a couple more hours & you’ll have Doojoon all to yourself…Hwaiting!

    *obsessed Dooseob addict goes back under the rock for whence she came*

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