Random Dooseob Moments #18

May 27, 2010

Hi guys 😉

I’m aliiiiiveeeee!! ( AND MISSING MY OTP LIKE KRAZY @__@)

Spamming this from someone else laptop though. Yes!! I’ll DO ANYTHING FOR THIS TWO!!

( ..and only have one hour to do this…yikes go go go!)

and I SAW A VERY SLIGHT DOOSEOB MOMENT ( sorry can’t remember the exact time but it somewhere between 8.00-9.00)

Yoseob sit so close with Doojoon ( who has Raven with him) while watching Kikwang the mascot doing the Shock Dance. It was a very brief Dooseob moment( ughhh I wish it was longer ngghh) but you can definitely see Yoseob has his arms around Doojoon . Ahh I just miss them so I will settle with anything that I have now <3333

Credit : as tagged, mybeastyboys3@youtube .com


Thank you to exiledvg for pointing this out 😀

@2.30 : We really don’t mind Yoseob messing up Doojoon’s part. We really don’t. Because we end up having Doojoon singing “Always in my heart” to Yoseob and Yoseob smiling coyly to Doojoon. <333


10 Responses to “Random Dooseob Moments #18”

  1. Kristine said

    The “always in my heart” part killed me. I mean he even looked into his eyes… O.o *replay*

  2. pseudoalia said

    oohh smooth move there yoseob, smoooooothhh… XDD i mean, if nobody pointed it out i wouldn’t have said that yoseob sang doojoon’s part by mistake? i would’ve thought that he was just harmonizing with doojoon (i love their voices together sfm)

    and anybody else noticed doojoon looking at yoseob somewhere around 1:45? Oasis IS Dooseob song, srsly. XDDD

  3. crystalplane said

    and only when YoSeob sang @1:10, DooJoon waved his hand
    so love

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