[ENG] B2ST ALMIGHTY – Episode 6

May 28, 2010

This is finally subbed too! ^^ Thank you  to jeansg2010 @youtube for her hardwork 😀

Let’s spot any new Dooseob moment shall we? 😛

@5.28 : We are sucker with Dooseob having matching co-ordinated attire. I mean both Yoseob and Doojoon were wearing white shirt, JUST white shirt  ( yes it means excluding Hyungseung because he has a jeans vest on his white shirt)

@ 5.47 : I mean when Doojoon said ” Let’s split into groups of 2 to do the missions” , I know he is looking at Yoseob. Aww..Doojoon-ie, you secretly  want to be in the same group with Yoseob right?

@6.19 : Yang Yoseob bb, I can see you sort of look, dissapointed when Doojoon got a red ball. The only people left to pick the ball is Kikwanbg and Junhyung. He is worried that if he end up with Junhyung, Junhyung will bully him if he didn’t do well hahahaha and Kikwang is just bad at cooking (really?) . Conclusion : The boy wants his Yoon  Doojoon to be in his group. Awwwww…

@7.16: Junhyung used to cook pasta for a girl..mmmmpfft ;__;

@9.28 : OMG Yoon Doojoon how can you test the oil temperature using a thermometer?  LOL FAIL ;P

@1.49 : The boy who will laugh hysterically over his boyfriend lame joke. ;P

@7.08: The reason why Yoseob needs his bf to save him kekekkekek..;)

@1.53 :  Of course we never get tired of that moment. Ohh…Yoon Doojoon, I wonder why you choose “that” to stray away Yoseob’s attention from Dongwoon?  hmm I really need an answer  ;P

@3.38 : Not a Dooseob moment but I was LOL-ING at Doojoon’s “5 Nutrients”. Iron really? OMG Yoon Doojoon I am amused looking at you like that. So cute! :DDD

@5.20: Awww Yoseob and Junhyung really lose..and Yoseob ate his own pasta  ( and it was cute) but poor bb. ..and he even got criticised and where is Doojoon when he need him ;P

@7.40:  If  Doojoon in the same team, he might help him washed the dish and have some fun in the kitchen too

Credits : jeansg2010 @youtube


12 Responses to “[ENG] B2ST ALMIGHTY – Episode 6”

  1. yoon ha ni said

    tq for sharing ^^
    but im in hurry, gotta catch a movie Prince of Persia at 10.30pm..
    later on i’ll stalked their moments ^^

  2. Kristine said

    Ah, all I wanted was a little DooSeob at the dish washing point… Jun, Go Home! >:P

    P.S. Chu chu chu! ❤

    • aedachucky said

      My brain keep on screaming “get out of the way!!” every time I saw Junyummie with Yoseob. ;P Doojoon please take a good care of your bb. And Yoseob, STICK TO DOOJOON OK!

      Awwwww chu chu chu ^^ ❤

  3. heavenrains said

    You guys miss one scene when Yoseob skips to the shed (I really don’t know what to call that place), Doojoon hastily follows but is stopped mid-way when Yoseob returns. He does need some time alone with his baby :”>

    • aedachucky said

      Hhahha I know that part! But I thought he’s going to lock the door and not allowed Yoseob to come in?

      • heavenrains said

        He just said that to distract everyone from his true intention to be with Yoseob:”> Maybe he did want to lock the door, but of course with both Yoseob and himself inside >”<

      • aedachucky said

        Hahahhahaha awwww I love your brain bb.:DD
        OMG how I wish there’s no one around. I bet Yoseob will just go for it. Give that silly boy a kiss because he desperately wants it ! 😉

  4. the 3rd video.. @ 2:04.. doojoon: yang yoseob, successful temptation.

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