Just a friendly reminder.

May 28, 2010

I’m sure we have all been around the Internet long enough to at least have an idea about giving ‘credit’ when it comes to other people’s work, right?

Besides, who are we kidding, even in school, we’re taught to give credit where it is due, and not plagiarize.

So, yeah, friendly reminder. Please credit all graphics you found here to their proper owner. We ALWAYS introduce and properly mention who have made which manip or macro or gif, so YOU could be a responsible user and credit them. Either you want to re-post them or edit them, even a simple mention of where you get them is enough. Our contributors are all extremely nice people, they do these stuff for all of us to use and share and enjoy, and it’s all in good fun, but we have to also consider the time and effort they put into making them, no matter how short or small.

For example, our lovely Kristine definitely put in considerable amount of effort combining TWO DIFFERENT PICTURES (I especially remember that the Doojoon’s portion of this manip came from a pic where he was doing selca with Dongwoon) together and turned it into this:

and then, suddenly, we found this:

a day after we did our 2nd Special Contributor’s Post, edited and watermarked with someone else’s name.

Srsly, this isn’t cool at all.

So yeah, please guys, be careful with fanmade graphics you found and use, and please give proper credit where it’s due, yeah? Also, please, don’t claim other people’s work as yours. We’re all fun-loving Dooseob fans here after all 😉


18 Responses to “Just a friendly reminder.”

  1. Kristine said

    Or at least don’t post it as your own work. Say you don’t remember where you got this, it’s cool, you like it and you’re just sharing it…

    Thank you for this post! *group hug*

    • yoon ha ni said

      totally agree with you ^^

    • pseudoalia said

      honestly, we think that you’re too sweet and nice about the whole thing.

      no problem, dear ^^ *hugs*

    • sevy-chan said

      hey Kristine, as a fellow of the art world, i’d like to share this thought:

      you should probably start watermarking your photo-manips. stealing being the obvious reason- but this is the biggest one: YOU ARE SO GOOD THAT THEY LOOK LIKE ACTUAL PHOTOS. people will probably mistake these for actual fan-photos. so i suggest that you start watermarking these, okay?

      but seriously- you are major-extreme good job xD

      • Kristine said

        As I said before … I don’t remember when and where ( O_o ) , what I do it’s uploaded on deviantart as PHOTOMANIP and here as PHOTOMANIP so if they don’t bother reading well that’s their problem, from my point of view.
        Second, what I do it’s under the law “From a fan to other fans” , I don’t put watermaks on them because people like to use them as avatars or/and as signature on forums…

        P.S. but seriously, you’re too sweet, Thank you! 🙂

      • sevy-chan said

        ah, i see, i see. i can understand that. but people find them by google-searching, too xDD
        well – it all comes down to whether you want credit or not, haha~~ but yeah…

        p.s. awww thank you~~ but i’m just giving credit/props where they’re due heehee~

  2. Kristine said

    Oh, there we gone, something new! ( I wanted to do a square and type in ” for copy rights insert text here” hahha! but “I love you” was more sweet! )


  3. lishen said

    btw if i don’t know who made the stuff, since i get that here, is it ok if i mention this blog in my credit? usually i write “credit: as tagged + dooseoblove.wordpress.com” if i re-upload picts that i got here. if you give your credit, i also put your credit too. example for screen caps you took from youtube (mybeastyboys), i write ” as tagged +mybeastyboys@youtube” plus dooseoblove.wordpress.com since i took the caps here. i wanna know if i already give proper credit or not. please correct me if i’m wrong. i really appreciate your advice. sorry for my poor english T.T

    • pseudoalia said

      yes that’s cool with us! ^^ as i’ve said earlier, we’re all here eager and happy to share stuff with everyone. ‘credit as tagged’, plus a mention of the blog as the source is enough, really. the way you described how you credit is really proper and cool. you’re so sweet! ^^ please don’t hesitate to spread the dooseob love around! <333

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