July 1, 2010

I told you Junhyung is a player. I KNEW IT!!! He just using Yoseob to cure his loneliness.

Once there is a pretty girl, he will left Yoseob alone hahaha yes yes.

But hey it’s OK! Seriously! Because we have the handsome boyfriend squishing to him.

So Junhyung, please be hanging with more pretty girl, and left my precious OTP alone.

Ok thanks

*ruuuuuun awaayyyy*


Credits: Joker891219

Adding 2 more photos 😛


credits to : as tagged, uknow_alex@twitter


36 Responses to “SPOT!”

  1. Kristine said

    Oh… there’s a girl in the picture???

    *bwahahahahahaha evil laugh*

  2. uknow_alex said

    no wayyyyyy, i love junhyung lol
    honey, stay away fr her >.<
    but why didn't our couple stand closer *sigh*

    btw, i'm alex, kkk. uknow_alex is a full ver of my alias name *wink*
    fr now on, i'll try 2 leave more cm, keke

    • aedachucky said

      Yes as much as I wan Junhyung to hang out with girl, I cannnot..*is jealous*. OK JUST GO BACK TO HYUNSEUNG PLEASE!

      Hello Alex. Yes please leave more comments ok? We love comments.

  3. heavenrains said

    I hope there will be more pretty girls so that Junhyung will LEAVE DOOSEOB ALONE

    P/s: Dooseob squishing together, kekekekekekeke 😀

    • aedachucky said

      I kinda not want peetty girls with Junhyung..noona is a bit..jelaous :PP BUT YEAH! EVERYTHING FOR OUR OTP!!

      *Throwing some girls to Junhyung*

      lol 😛

      • uknow_alex said

        what is OTP ?_____?
        is that a new term which stand 4 DooSeob cp? lol

      • Kristine said

        OTP = One True Paring. Used in fandoms to espress what charaters you ship. (put together romanticly)

        O_p Right?!

      • aedachucky said

        yeah OTP is ONE TRUE PAIRING

        I just knew like a few months ago and i’ve been in fandom like forever aaaaa wth

      • heavenrains said

        You’re also right, Alex b/c we all know that: DOOSEOB = OTP kekekekekekekekeke >.<

  4. fire fairy said

    In another words, it’s time you come to me Junhyung-ah. XD

  5. mischievous said

    LMAO! He just using Yoseob to cure his loneliness <<< i laughed so hard XDDDD but so true huh. when theres a girl and junhyung.. he's just like that XD

    but i love u neway you sexy player ❤ hehehee
    and our OTP FTW!!!!

    • aedachucky said

      He’s a playah!! We know he is using Yoseob to cure his loneliness. He just want to date a girl and Hyunseung looks so pretty why don’t you just date him ehh? :PP

  6. prettydujun said

    lol >o<
    your comment is really funny!!
    "He just using Yoseob to cure his loneliness"

  7. Kristine said

    OMG O_p In that last picture they look like they’re about to KISS!!! Oh My fantasies are coming to life!! Someone stop meeeeeee!! NO DON’T!!! Just let me be…

    *imagination going wild*

    • heavenrains said

      They totally were!!!
      I wish the last pic would be a fancam, I’ll definitely stick to my laptop ALL DAY watch it over and over and over again 😀

    • aedachucky said

      Kristine: Ehmmm..IT DOES LOOK LIKE THAT?

      O yeah I’m not going to stop it Kristine! remember I’m a Dooseobholic too I need to know what are they doing in your head kekekkeke. Go go go go!

      *run away*

      Heavenrains: Me too T___T. Kissing scene over and over and over and *die*

    • uknow_alex said

      Kristine: i think it’s not just like a kiss. look like he was going 2 bite Yoseob’s ear tenderly *evil smile*

      come on, nobody’ll stop u, lol

    • heavenrains said

      Totally agree w Aeda-noona & Alex 😀
      You know, Kristine-noona, we (Dooseobholics) can still survive partially b/c of ur awesomeness (manips) & imaginations, Kekekekekeke 😛

  8. Kristine said

    Ok… Don’t know where and to who to replay so I’ll just make another post here…

    umm… what was I saying? Oh yeah, my imagination… my manips… Well to be honest my photomanips are LIMITED because of the original pictures… YOU can’t image what I imagine, (remember, I read Yaoi manga everyday).

    Oh, I was just thinking that IF I were to write a fanfic it would be so wild that someone would BAN me from the internet! BWAHAHAHHAHHAHAH *evil laugh*

    Oh, since you love my photomanips so much, here’s something new for you ( you as in ALL of you)

    • uknow_alex said

      Kristine: oh my BEAST!!!! LOL
      i love yaoi manga toooooo *hi-5*
      my fav magaka is Yamane Ayano XD
      n of course i love yaoi fanfic, kkkk

      i’m going crazy XDDDDDDDDDD

      btw, where r u fr Kris 😀

      • Kristine said

        Aww… FANFIC *drool*
        Love fanfic!!!
        Love yaoi manga! Don’t have a favorite manga or mangaka. A lot of talented people out there!!! O_o

        *let’s go crazy together*

        p/s : Oh, I’m from Romania (Bucharest) , you?

    • aedachucky said

      Kristine! Thank you for the manip ok ^^

      Ahh yaoi manga fans gathering in my wordpress, I like what I see

      p/s: this is 4th time replying to you Kristine, idk why wordpress is being a bi**h my comment was cut half. I hope this is working.

    • heavenrains said

      @Kristine-noona: Kekekeke, wanna have ur brain right now b/c I wanna read that WILD fanfic that can be banned from the internet! BTW, love ur manip ♥.♥

      @Alex-noona: All my friends love Yamane-sensei’s works. Me? I dunno. I just read all kind 😛

      @Aeda-noona: I sometimes have the same problem, but my cmt was cut only the middle >.< WTH???

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