I’ll be your best kept secret

July 5, 2010

What I love about this video?

The focus is around 5.26 to 5.45

When the VJ asked the boys what do they think about the girls, we have Doojoon smiling and whispering to his little prince, hmm maybe saying something like ” You are the most gorgeous to me, this is a secret”

..and of course we have Yoseob smiling and whispering to him back, perhaps the same thing too?

Ahhh…OTP in their own little world β™₯

Oh yeah I love my own theory *gets bricked*


Credits: BLiNGG0@youtube, and thank you to Alex for the head up again πŸ˜€

Listen to : Best Kept Secret – Raheem DeVaughn


23 Responses to “I’ll be your best kept secret”

  1. uknow_alex said

    wow O____o
    ur brain’s awesome XDDDD
    of course he reply: “oh u r so sweet! tonight i’ll give u a reward”
    n who knows what’ll be the reward, kekekeeee

    maybe we’ll have a DARK ROOM *evil smile*

    “aeda I’ll parry bricks 4 u” LOL

    • heavenrains said

      When did you turn this evil, noona? Not that I don’t like it πŸ˜€
      Kekekeke, DARK ROOM~…erk… *nosebleeding*

      • uknow_alex said

        long long time ago, my dear, lol
        since the 1st time i read yaoi fanfic of YunJae, then i…er…be like this

        when i knew there r so many people in here think like me, i showed my nature *smug*

        lmao =))


      • heavenrains said

        Noona, when you read yaoi fanfic, do you bump your head into the desk or fall backward? I do LOL. I think that’s kind of evil, right? But when I told my friends, who nosebleed when reading yaoi, they told me “Awww, that’s so cute!” >.<
        I wanna be evil like noona~

        I not just like but love dark room. A bit scary but interesting, of course if I/m sure there's no ghost πŸ˜›

      • aedachucky said

        and heavenrains, your “I not just like but love dark room. A bit scary but interesting, of course if I/m sure there’s no ghost” omg I LOL that was so funny and cute kekekeke..

        when noona read yaoi mangga..I.die? 8D ( wait what? I’m still alive here ok i’ll shut up nao :P)

    • aedachucky said

      Thank you for Raheem DeVaughn’s song Best Kept Secret ( ahh thank you to my twin, she gave it to me), watching the video while listening to it.

      Omg I realised a lot of Dooseob fans here is YunJae fan πŸ˜€ ( and Yaoi Mangga fan kekekke). This make this Dooseob fandom and this wordpress all kind amazing. You guys (and your brain too hahha) are love!

      Oh yes that whisper. It kills me 8DD I LOVE HOW HAPPY THEY LOOK (ESP DOOJOON <3)

      • uknow_alex said

        u r a YunJae fan too, aren’t u :O
        omg it’s great!!!!
        yaoi fans love boyxboy couples, n yaoi fans love kpop definitely love those cuteeee kpop cp .< hope DooSeob'll be like that in the future

        but i also upset when i know that there r some ppl anti this thing *sigh* They say it's sick

      • aedachucky said

        Ahh no I’m not a YunJae fan. Actually Dooseob is my first K-POP OTP ( before this is some other pairing from a band, which is not from Kpop). But Alia is YunJae fan :DD. I think maybe I was a bit late kmowing about Yunjae so I decide to pass it. I just join this whole K-pop hoolaballoo last year kekekke :PP

        Ahh it’s hard to say about that. You know..about what people think and stuff. Just ignore it I think? I’m not helping much am I?

  2. heavenrains said

    *get a shield* I love your theory, too *running away b4 getting bricked*

    Bcoz of Kristine-noona’s effect, I also think they were saying
    Doojoon: “Can I kiss you, MY gorgeous?”
    Yoseob : “Who’s yours?” *giggle*
    Doojoon: “You, who else? So, what’s my answer?” *smile*
    Yoseob : “Yes, but later when there’s no one watching. I’ll let you kiss as much as you want, MY handsome.” *giggle*

    • aedachucky said

      hahahhah we both gets bricked together kekkeke XP

      Should we blame Kristine for polluting the young minds in here? kekkekekkekek XPPPPP

      Yoseob : β€œYes, but later when there’s no one watching. I’ll let you kiss as much as you want, MY handsome.” *giggle* is..dead, you did so well my young apprentice. Alia noona must be proud of you too *pat shoulder* πŸ˜›

      • heavenrains said

        Awwwww, thank you, noona XD
        BTW, I don’t mind being polluted this way >.<

  3. lana_black said

    Wow, DooSeob is sharing a water bottle ~~~~

  4. Kristine said

    Oh, WHAT GIRLS? You are the only one for me baby! kekeke!

    *brain fireworks*

  5. pseudoalia said

    you know what, twin? you’re really getting more awesome in making theories!!! XDDD



  6. prettydujun said

    one thing I can see is when Doojoon smiling and whispering to his little prince..fan girls was screaming !! lol
    yeah..we know how they feel <3<3<3
    oh! Dooseob is real!!!! lol XD

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