Dooseob at Museum Open Concert.

August 9, 2010

sweaty OTP hmmm 😉

The way Yoseob look at Doojoon…. *sigh* ❤

Look at that bright smile, look at that. He is one happy prince there. 😀



Okey…Doojoon just said I wanna make love while pointing to Yoseob, and yes did you see that happy smile on his face when Yoseob walk by and sort of tap his shoulder. XDDDD



..all I see is Doojoon is trying to get closer to his little prince but got push away. Perhaps Yoseob was saying ” no, not here” XP. JUST LOOK AT THE WAY DOOJOON STARE AT YOSEOB ( and that smile on Yoseob’s face) . Oh OTP ❤

Credits: as tagged, thanks to BeeSAWI@Twitter, myBEASTyboys7@youtube, Kikwang@Tumblr


12 Responses to “Dooseob at Museum Open Concert.”

  1. pseudoalia said

    i’ve been looping norah jones for the whole day, so what’s more perfect than seing these pics today?

    oh otp, you make me wanna fall in love

    i mean, look at the way yoseob is looking at doojoon…and what’s MORE perfect than the 2nd pic where they’re looking at each other?

    • aedachucky said

      Listening to Norah Jones this morning and loop it with 4Men Ttok ttok ttok 😛
      ( while staring at my Dooseob wallpaper :P)

      The way Yoseob looks at Doojoon, tell me how many times he had done that. It reminds me of the video/picture where Yoseob fix Doojoon’s hair at the airport. Kkekee call me hallucinating or whatever but there is definitely something from the way Yoseob look at Doojoon. This soft admire look ( plus with that bright smile, but always with that look), always for Doojoon ^^

  2. Kristine said

    ok ok, so I’m having a brake from work… a brake for some nosebleeding moments… thank you! *bloody smile*

    p/s miss you guys! 😦

    • aedachucky said

      Hey I miss you, nosebleeding girl 😛 !! *hugs* Where is everyone? It used to be so many people here. Both of us are lonely here :-/. Miss you guys

  3. lana_black said

    I swear Yo Seob is younger and cuter everyday, especially with that hair color ;;___;; My mood is still down since the day i watched Yo Seob’s UCC with Daniel. I was like “Hey,Yo Seob >.< What's about your Doo Joon?". Seeing thess pics makes me feel a lot happier. Hope there're more DooSeob in this week's Idol Maid T_T

    • aedachucky said

      I agree with you. So far, all the hair color kinda work for him ( although actually I kinda prefer thye dirty blond hair) but yeah this color makes him look younger! mean you watch Danseob vid? Hmm..I have nothing against that pairing, I have to admit they are kind of cute too, but those was in the past ( by the way I wonder what happened to Daniel). Of course he is happier now :PPP. Doojoon took care of him sand spoilt him silly X)

      Yeah I HOPE SO TOO! *crossed finger*

  4. shi said

    omg they are so cute! i don’t think i can ever say that enough! and it totally looks like Doojoon said “I want to make love!”

  5. heavenrains said

    Miss you guys so much >.< Gonna share something I just found (cr: hankyung@tumblr)

    P/s: the last pic…
    Yoseob: Back off, girls/boys. He's mine Ò.Ó

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