Dooseob Random Moments #31

August 18, 2010

Just and observation. Look at their hair!Β  O__O.



I’m smiling like an idiot now. That is Yoseob sleeping besides Doojoon. Uhuh πŸ˜€

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Some screencaps of Doojoon playing with Seobie’s hair ❀

Watch it here starting from 6.00.

And ohh..who’s excited about this?


Credits: as tagged, heysummer@tumblr, subaNABI@twitter,,Β  mybeastyboys.wordpress,Β,

p/s: anyone can translate this Dooseob Doujinshi for me? *puppy eyes* πŸ˜›


13 Responses to “Dooseob Random Moments #31”

  1. SupaB2st said

    LOL truly matching hairstyles now!!! OTP can’t get any better!! or should I not jinx that :X

    • aedachucky said

      yes you shouldn’t hahhaha :PPP *joking*
      Oh yes matching haircolor and hairstyle, I wonder what’s next. Doojoon might be the one who suggested that new hair style πŸ˜‰

  2. heavenrains said

    Our OTP have couple hair!!!!!! XD

  3. pseudoalia said

    okay, so, i SERIOUSLY, INSANELY love the waking up pic…because look at that tuft of hair/whatever coming out from underneath yoseob’s blanket. unfghh. i wrote that shit. i did. okay, so. yeah XDDD

    also, the phone beside yoseob eerily looks like an iphone (or i’m just being a hallucinating fangirl here) XDDD

    also, also, the doujinshi is seriously scaring the shit out of me, because, err, idk. the hazy panel where yoseob appeared wearing his sweater…i don’t like flashbacks like this. flashback with a person from long ago smiling when the person of the present time is smoking…is bad. i think. idk. unless if we’re talking about something really funny here. like doojoon thinking that yoseob before is cheerful and doesn’t nag but all i can think of is that boy in doojoon’s bed isn’t yoseob, but someone who closely resembles him. and the only reason why doojoon is with him is…well, yeah, obvious. omg why am i so depressing so early in the morning! >.<

    • aedachucky said

      Ngee co-incidence much? I hope the rest of Dooseob moment in your will come true aaaaa (ok will shut up but but who knows right?)

      i’m not sure about the phone though. wow if it’s really doojoon…hmm…wait, are they sharing phone or what? πŸ˜› well at least eventhough it’s really Yosoeb’s phone, it does look similar as doojoon’s. So what does this mean, COUPLE HANDPHONE!! LOL XDDD might be true about the doujinshi. does fit with your theory, i mean the flashback ( and the boy in that flashback does look like yoseob ok)

      and then second, that boy on the bed doen’t look like yoseon, maybe yosoeb look-a-like or something?


      and Doojoon smoking? must be something depressing >_>

  4. shi said

    i knew Yoseob’s new hair looked familiar!! and i totally squealed when i saw them for SGB!!

  5. heavenrains said

    Love the way Doojoon playing w his Yoseobie’s hair πŸ˜€

    Oh, and the schedule… Dooseob are gonna appear on SGB once again! Yay yay yay yay~ Hope there will be much more Dooseob moments, kekekeke πŸ˜€
    And I think you should circle “볼수둝 μ• κ΅λ§Œμ  (More Charming By The Day)” as well coz Yoseob’s singing one song name “ν•΄ν”Όλ²„μŠ€λ°μ΄ (Happy Birthday)” (it’s the the song I e-mailed you) for that show and I have a feeling that our Dooseob will go there together *wink wink wink* XDDD

    • aedachucky said

      I know right Jonniel? It’s been a long time we haven’t see Doojoon and Yosoeb together in SGB. I can’t wait to watch the show. Hoping for some cute moments πŸ˜›

      Wow really? What show is that I don’t have aclue. But Doojoon is going to be there ( is it a drama or something) Omo if it’s true, meaning DOUBLE DOOSEOB treat!!! Thanks Jonniel for the info ❀

      • heavenrains said

        Hoping for Dooseob moment together w noona πŸ˜€

        볼수둝 μ• κ΅λ§Œμ  (More Charming By The Day) is a currently airing drama (MBC daily sitcom). Really, I haven’t watch the drama myself but I’m sure that Yoseob sings one of the soundtrack for the drama. I have no clue that Doojoon will appear there. And then you show me the schedule and the 1st thing I thought is “Oohhh, Dooseob appear on MBC drama together” >.<

      • aedachucky said

        Ohh Doojoon is going to act in it, and Yoseob is going to sing? Of course we can consider that is Doosoeb moment bb X)

  6. prettydujun said

    ahh~ is that couple hair??
    they two are so handsome!!
    and Doojun playing Yoseob’s hair..make me..ahhh>.<
    so adorable

    thank you for sharing^^

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