Random Dooseob Moments #32

August 25, 2010

Boys in Idol Maid! 😀

Some old pictures of the boys  that I think I never posted before 🙂

Beautiful flawlees OTP ..

Dooseob at YOG. Oh I love how their t-shirt kinda match with each other. Both black shirt with large font printed on it ^^

Yoseob did a sexy dance and it looks like Doojoon is the only one who enjoys it (obviously 😛 )

Last but not least, Doojoon + Yoseob + the fish = OT3 ?  😛

And Yosoeb trying to close the gap by pulling Doojoon over 😉

Credit: as tagged, applesncrack for the gif ^^


12 Responses to “Random Dooseob Moments #32”

  1. kim said

    my fave is definitely the pic with the fish, LOL~
    and the last pic, touchy-touchy~ i loike~ <33333333

    • aedachucky said

      Yeah me too! I love that picture too! They look so cute just by standing besides each other..^^

      Of course!! Touchy-touchy is their middle name ( lol wth is this cheesiness tehehee :P)

  2. heavenrains said

    1st & 2nd pic: Couple facial expression, yay~ 😀

    3rd pic: Junhyung, hands off Doojoon’s bb! You have Hyunseung already!

    4th pic: Kekekeke, I see your hand there, Doojoon XD

    9th pic: Ooh, only Doojoon was intensively watching 😛

    P/s: I never get tired of Dooseob gap. Even if they stand far apart, they still hold hands ~> Dooseob gap = 0 ^^

    • Kristine said

      yes yes, 4th, 5th and 6th pic make me wonder where does Dujun’s hand land!!! Kekekekee~

      *hugs twinny*

      *hugs aeda*

      *hugs alia*

      *hugs everybody*

      *wants to hug dujun and yoseob* 😛

      • heavenrains said

        True true true 😀 I say, uhm… waistline. How about you? 😛

        Kekekeke *group hug*
        Really want to drag Dooseob into this group hug XD

      • aedachucky said

        Hugs you two for always making my day ❤

  3. applesncrack said

    Seob’s sexy dance and an exceptionally excited Doojoon 😀
    Love these two XD

  4. prettydujun said

    awwww~I love all pics>.<
    Yoseob did a sexy dance..yeah only Doojun who enjoy lolxD
    look at Doojun's face hahaha!!! so funny 8D

    thanks for sharing.^-^

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