I iz still feel mushy….

September 1, 2010

looking at this picture

he he he he …

*smile like an idiot and smack self*

p/s : pokes twin XD


14 Responses to “I iz still feel mushy….”

  1. pseudoalia said

    alskjdhfghjdksldkjhfgdhjskl. it is still very early in the morning. why are you doing this to meeeeeeee????? T__________T

    *total fail*

    *simmering in mush*


    omg if i screw the workshop and gave irrelevant examples *coughsdooseobficscoughs* it will all be your fault. T.T

    *stares at photo*

    this is my life *sighs*

    it is reduced into gooey mushy fluffy nothing by that ghost of arms around yoseob and the thought of how close they are pressed together.

    and pixie dust.

    *cries tears of happiness*

  2. aedachucky said

    Hehehehe I am sorry aaaaaa… but I can’t help myself, woke up and stared at the 3rd picture again. Doojoon ghostly hand make his way around Yoseob huuuu :’) . Still can’t get over this.

    OMG what is this my life too, soo lazy to go to work, I just want to stay on bed and listen too mushy stuff al day long OMG FML tooo. OMG the thing they did to my brain ( and OMG Robin Thicke “Jus Right” ) I am a total fail too and soo mushy today.

    ( which is good i think i won’t go cranky to work today hehehee )

    LOL irrelevant examples. Will happily take the blame 😛

    aaaa pixie dust. Damn I’m incoherent and feel stupid he hee he

  3. _speshurl said


  4. fire fairy said

    god can take my life now, and i dun have any regrets anymore living in this world.

    dats exactly the pose of lovers. *fly of to dooseob heaven*

    • aedachucky said

      omg what has these two has done to you

      *scold those two*

      kekeke just joking okay 😛

      Oh yes, that pose is definitely is more than a friend pose ne?

      Ohh can I follow? XD

  5. prettydujun said

    Hey Yoon Doojun!!!
    I knew that Yoseob is yours xD

    I’m sure it’s not just a fanservice!!!
    you two are too REAL.

    thank you for this *fly to heaven*

    • aedachucky said

      IKR? This is not a fanservice. This is real and this is normal between them, I mean they look so comfortable together. They are comfortable with all the touchy-feely, being hugged, and being closed. <333

      No problem bb ^^

  6. aedachucky said

    Now looking at this while listening to Nat King Cole *sigh* 8D

  7. nao_AJ said

    OMG?! back hug 😀
    another love for seobie haha
    lets shout “we want more!”

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