Beast on ShinhPD Variety Show Part 2

September 11, 2010

This mod is so bored and has so many times in hands. So brace yourself!! again! 😛

@00.34: Doojoon is trying to kissy kissy yoseob ngegehheheh

@00.51: Yoseob checking on Doojoon..arms?  we caught you bb 😛

and I saw a lot of skinhips! @2.43 Yoseob laugh and lean to Doojoon,@4.09 Yoseob naturally lean to Doojoon @4.25 Doojoon laughing and bump to Yoseob

@3.40:  OTP are so cute holding hands and happy for the maknae

@5.06 : OMG the two maknaes are so excited lol!

@7.46: You know Junseung, you guys should just hug you know:P

@9.25: For some reasons, Doojoon just help Yoseob from losing the game lol 😛

@12.26 : :DDD

@12.35: LOL you two I don’t even..:P Check out this post.


@12.44: Is it me or Doojoon really did put his hand on Yosoeb butt? hehehheheee..:P

@00.51: Well they usually tag team together in any games, but this time, someone need to win I guess 😛

@1.31-: Poor Doojoon!! That must be hurt (especially at @2.05, that is ouch!)  oh Yoseob you shouldn’t be doing that, torturing your bb XP

@3.39: Okay someone need to make a GIF out of this part because afjhlshflhlaf YANG YOSEOB YOU ARE SO CUTE RIDING THE CHAIR LIKE THAT 😀

@6.32: I still can’t get over on how competetive and confident Doojoon is. I mean, look at him. o_o

@9.38 @10.36  : I guess cute game like this is only designed for cute boy like Yang Yoseob. Shooo cute shooo confident!

@1.05: I mean he is so cute Doojoon just have to cheer for him 😛

@2.30 : NO!! >_>

@7.14: I have to restrain my laughter while looking at this ( because everyone is sleeping right now except me :PP) but this “Tounge-tied” game is so funny! Dongwoon’s fail ( is he rapping or what?) but Yoseob is sooo good at it ( again, cute game is for cute fella like him :P) . Yoseob’s “I-am-piss” face at @7.33 is so cute!

@7.54: can’t stand Doojoon’s ahjussi face X)

@ 9.59: Junseung and Kikwang is so so ridiculously funny too!

@12.28: Dooseob’s gap XP ( and Yoseob immediately high five Doojoon first lalalaa )

@3.20: ahhh this is it ! So..when Yosoeb screw up the word ( for the first time), Doojoon sort of want to strangle him, but of course in a gentle playfull way.

@3.26: ..and he even hold Yoseob’s hand ( yes I can see that Doojoon)

@3.30: Hmmm..notice about Yosoeb’s finger? Gently tracing Doojoon’s arm unconsciously :PP

@4.36: Doojoon win and Yoseob just need to give him a hug.




6 Responses to “Beast on ShinhPD Variety Show Part 2”

  1. mischievous said

    omoooo i havnt watch this yet T___T
    but OTP looks cute together <3333333
    dammit i miss them so much T_T <333

    • aedachucky said it later okay.
      yes they are. always! <333

      Me too. They need to come back quick.

      Can't wait for the Chuseok Dance battle and Trol Idol. Hope to see some of a new moments there.

  2. heavenrains said

    OMG, so many Dooseob skinship moments, kyaaaaaaa~
    I nosebleed like crazy but I don’t care coz it’s Dooseob skinshippppppp~

    • aedachucky said

      Kekekkekee…you and your twinnie comment is always the same ( well you guys won’be called comment twin for nothing right).

      Oh yes!! But noona need more bb..need more. Rather die of nosebleeding than deprivation *sobs*

  3. Kristine said

    WHY, OH WHY do I keep hearing YoSeob saying “Doojoon Aaaahh~ ” ??!?!! WHY!!?!? O_o

    • aedachucky said


      Well I like it. No. I LOVE IT!! I have a thing for that, idk, the tone tone of his voice when he called Doojoon is just O_o I CAN’T DESCRIBE! There something about that tone of his voice makes me end up smiling like an idiot hehehhe

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