Never seen pictures at KMF

September 11, 2010

Found some never seen pictures of Dooseob from KMF ^^


doyouherpcosiderp @tumblr


5 Responses to “Never seen pictures at KMF”

  1. shi said


    They were so epic!! I’m so lucky I got to see that in person!

    • aedachucky said

      You got to see this moment Live? Ahhh you are so lucky. I mean I got to see them too but didn’t witness any Dooseob moments though.

      Gawd I miss them I think I’m going mad :X

      • shi said

        Yep! I was standing right in front of them! Got video and a couple of pics! It was amazing!

        And I totally miss them too!

  2. aedachucky said

    omg forgive my poor memory/brain, of course you were there because i remember asking your permission to use all the fancams and pictures from your lj entry. -_-‘ i know right? Boys need to come back a.s.a.p.

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