OTP bonding session

September 16, 2010

Awww bb, what are you doing to Doojoonie. Helping Doojoon out or teasing him/poking his nose? :p

Huu..so focus yet so cute

too much of Yosoeb cuteness today makes my brain goes blank LOL


10 Responses to “OTP bonding session”

  1. sevy-chan said

    OMG THIS IS TOO CUTE! TOO CUTE! where’s it from??
    xDDDD now i want a reciprical picture LOL

  2. _speshurl said

    otp ish extra clingy to each other these days I think 8DDD
    not that I’m complaaaining XD
    this heals my headache fosho :3

  3. prettydujun said

    Aww~ so sweet Seobie<3
    Take care of Doojoon all the time …

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