Yoseob is a sweet boyfriend and we have another proof :P

September 17, 2010

click on the picture for a bigger version

Awwww that is so sweet Yoseob.

Just climb on the bunk and give Doojoonie another backrub okay bb?  😉

The Munhwa High School Baseball Captain is Doojoon’s character in “Charming By The Day” Drama series

Credit: CREDITS: Yoseob’s YOZM (SOURCE); aoistars & GEE @ B2STRISING.COM (TRANS), Padma Metti@dooseoblove for sending the email ❤


13 Responses to “Yoseob is a sweet boyfriend and we have another proof :P”

  1. prettydujun said

    Aigoo~~~ Seobie why are you so sweet like this??? ❤

    "Doojoon,you're cool. I'm so proud of you"

    *tears of happiness* *scream* *died*
    no need another word..I know , how much you love Doojoon
    Yoseob ahhh~ you make my day^^

    Thanks for sharing *hug*

  2. shi said

    “Just climb on the bunk and give Doojoonie another backrub okay bb?”

    Ok. Now I really want someone to fic that!!

  3. jundooseob said

    oh….you already post it here. i’ll send you email again if i find dooseob next time *wink*

    “Doojoon,you’re cool. I’m so proud of you” => i really die of happiness when i read this. yoseob so sweet and he prove that how much he love doojoon

    • aedachucky said

      YES!! AND THANK YOU TO YOU !! <33
      ( did you get my thank you email?)

      OMG I'm so happy with that part too..and this part when he said "You're sleeping now huh?" Like Alia said I bet he was typing this on his bunk and peeking over Doojoon ( and thinking/admiring his bf)

      OMG so <3333333

  4. Kristine said

    awww… so he was watching over DooJoon sleep… and posting about him..and thinking about him… and loving him… Did he give him a ‘good night kiss’? <_<

  5. pseudoalia said

    thinking about the boyfriend and updating YOZM about him while watching him sleep..Yoseob-ah, you do realize you are being the sweetest girlfriend here, right?

    …ok i’ll take that back. of course he knows! XD

  6. jundooseob said

    @ kristine & pseudoalia: totally agree with you girls *wink* btw about the good night kiss, i hope yoseob really did it every night kekekeke *wanna kiss doojoon too ><*

  7. sevy-chan said

    this is so sweet. it’s so cute. it’s so adorable.


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