Doojoon’s twit!

September 29, 2010

Awwww…sleepy cutiepie wearing Bf’s beanie aaaa <3333

Doojoon-ah, please twit some more.

Let it be a picture of you sitting besides Yoseob and Yoseob has his head on your shoulder PLEASEEE I BEG YOU!!

This has been an OTP post. Thank you πŸ˜›

Credits: BeeeestDJ@twitpic


12 Responses to “Doojoon’s twit!”

  1. Kristine said

    omo omo @_@ Doojoon twitted this?? omg!!! *faints*

  2. sevy-chan said

    omg i mistook him for doojoon too! but i wasn’t sure, so i sounded out the hangul and i was like “oh! it /is/ seobie! xD”

    YAY DOOSEOB <333

  3. SupaB2st said

    yay!! another pic of his boyfie! it’s been awhile since i commented!! sry >< BUT the soom MV is out!!

    [and there's dooseob choreography 0_0 i love my life…)

  4. prettydujun said

    too cute Seobie<3<3o<

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