MBC Idol Maid E13 – Dooseob cut

October 14, 2010

A longer version of Yoseob being..tortured.  Aww poor bb.

but yes thank god he has his boyfriend to calm him down :P.

..ok wait he didn’t help much but, hey at least he did wipe Yoseob’s sweat ( and even share the hankies) and hold Yoseob’s head near to his body X)

Credits: 910912S@youtube.com


6 Responses to “MBC Idol Maid E13 – Dooseob cut”

  1. Kristine said

    Oh, DooJoon like to touch his baby!!! I want a FIC about when they got home after this! Yoseob’s tongue hurting and Doojoon make it better!!! *day dreaming*

  2. kaminokami said

    0:04 – 0:08 DOOJOON, WHY SO CUTE?!
    “아 맛있다~~ 맛있다~~” ❤

    YOSEOB, IT'S OKAY!! DOOJOON WILL REWARD YOU FOR YOUR BRAVERY. (oh wait, he already did. This is an old episode. XD)

  3. Happy said

    Oh, poor baby ~~ Doojoon could be so evil sometimes 😐 I could remember Yoseob’s wrap had no meat or rice, only lots of garlics and hot sauce *_*

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