Bye boys..

October 31, 2010

Hi everyone, I will be going for a long holiday, no internet and all.

We will back soon ok. love you all and thank you for the support ❤


7 Responses to “Bye boys..”

  1. icybb said

    have fun!

    and you have no idea how dirty this pic looks (maybe its just me) sweaty doojoon (and yoseob?) and yoseob on the ground…………… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;);););)

    • aedachucky said

      i knoooow what you’re thinking because i’m thinking the same thing too the place behind them looks like a mess don’t you think?

      thank you 😉

  2. _speshurl said

    have a nice holiday, Aeda! 😀

    and the pic… sweaty!Doojoon, kind-of-sweaty!Yoseob laying on the floor, plus messy background…

    I know I can’t concencrate on anything tonight. 8DDD

  3. _speshurl said

    see? I even made typo lulz, I mean ‘concentrate’

  4. nao_AJ said

    there is a cutie above him lol

  5. prettydujun said

    ohh have a good holiday //<

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