Dooseob on 101030 MBCevery1 Countdown BEAST Notice Preview

November 1, 2010

Last one before I leave 😉

@0.19: Doojoonie, why you stop Yoseob from kissing you ? 😛

but still…isn’t that adorable? ( and couple shirt! so cute)



14 Responses to “Dooseob on 101030 MBCevery1 Countdown BEAST Notice Preview”

  1. Cami said

    Their height difference … makes it look as if Yoseob’s a little boy that wants some of affection~ X3 GAH!!!!!!!!! SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  2. Sonia said

    He is probably telling him, WAIT ‘TIL TONIGHT. WE WILL CONTINUE THIS LATER. ㅋㅋㅋ

  3. _speshurl said

    Yoseob looks like a lil kiddo XDDD
    ICU Doojoon you tried to control yourself did ya… XD

  4. Kristine said

    ok, passing the shirt part… OMG OMG OMG my head is spinning!!! @_@

  5. sevy-chan said

    kekekeke dooseob is ALWAYS cute xD /short-comment,unni-is-leaving/sob

  6. Happy said

    I’m so bored bcoz there’s not so many Dooseob lately and you’re leaving 😦 I saw a picture on your tumblr and got so suprise ~~ are you traveling to Ho chi minh city in Vietnam? Hehe I’m living here 😀
    Hope you find interesting things in Vietnam. Plus, there are lots of delicious foods you should try 🙂 I’m so evy of you, I always want to travel to somewhere out of my country once but have no chance T_T

    • aedachucky said

      Aww hi there! I’m back, yes I realised there’s not much of OTP moments when I’m away. Well there might be busy, and there always sometimes go on hiatus but they always come back with their PDA and stuff, just wait and they will come back again oka 😉

      Ahh thank you for following my Tumblr! Yes yes I went to Ho Chi Minh City with my family, like a holiday trip. I love a lot of things about HCMC, I’m amazed with a lot of things there, people are so nice patience, yes I’ve tried the food too! The Beef Noodle Soup and I’m in love with the coffee ice there I can’t get enough of it. Ahh if only I know you were there to we could meet! I even meet our fellow Dooseoblove commentor there “heavenrains” aka Jonniel and we have a good time hanging out. I hope to go there again and hope we can meet someday okay! 🙂

      Ohh don’t worry, you will have a chance to travel one day. This is my first oversea trip and i’m what, 25+ or something? hahah 😛 Don’t worry. hey come to Malaysia one day okay! 😉

      • Happy said

        Oh so you are a 8x too ^^ I’m so glad bcoz almost Vietnamese Beast fans are 9x and not so many of them ship Dooseob so I feel lost 😦 “heavenrains” there’s a Dooseob shipper in my city 😡 got to chat with her sometimes but I haven’t seen her often here maybe she has tumblr or facebook?
        The beef noodle soup you talking about is it “pho”? Coz lots of travelers like “pho” but there are lots of other delicious food. I’m not sure about anything else (people, traffic, air…) but I definitely love our food 😡 I don’t really enjoy coffee but the oreo cookies blend with chocolate and a little bit of coffee and milk is my favourite ❤ awwww I talked too much, I'm always get overwhelming excited talking about food =.= haha. Yeah I hope I have a chance to travel abroad too but money is always a big problem, hehe 😀

  7. prettydujun said

    omo~ cute boys
    yaa!! doojoon ah..let yoseob give you a kiss xD

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