Thank you Marie Claire

November 19, 2010

…because all I see is OTP being oh so gorgeous together



21 Responses to “Thank you Marie Claire”

  1. fire fairy said

    ah, after the shocking doojoon’s kissing pic. this makes it all better. jjang!

  2. heavenrains said

    Oh-mai-gad~ I’m not dreaming, right? this is so sweet and romantic~ Oh-mai…*faint*

    P/s: yay, access once again ^w^

  3. yoo hwa said

    O.o!! gosh. . lost my words. . .
    XD ~~~

  4. Happy said

    Hix at least I have this gorgeous Dooseob moment pic to calm me down >_> Actually I was dreaming of this moment, Yoseob sleeps on Doojoon’s lap since the Junseob moment in Idol athlete and now it comes true, I must be so happy but…hummm why the Marie claire have to send me to the heaven and kick me down to the hell at the same time TT__TT

  5. Sonia said

    This. Is. Perfect.

  6. Its love and peace πŸ™‚
    I feel calm looking at this *smile sweetly*

    Thanks ^^

  7. prettydujun said

    This is the best photoshoot ever!!!!!!
    i wonder why only DooSeob? whatever I do love this<3

    omooo~ nothing i can say.
    they make my heart grow <33333333

  8. Kristine said

    I saw this image .. I think around 30hours ago… I couldn’t believe it so I just got over it… Then I saw the “kiss” and was like ” whatever”…. BUT now I got back to this image and my brain started melting!
    So fuck that kiss, this is much better! ^o^

  9. Sunny said

    OMG !!!
    is this pic real or photoshop?? (not photoshoot)
    ahhh… love this couple !!!

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