Dooseob Random Moments #41

November 30, 2010

Miscellanous Videos, GIF’s and picture under this tag

@0.19: LOL Yoseob WAYLT?  And Doojoon you always like to bully him!

@0.53: Exchanging smile XD

Jokey ICWUDT with Doojoon I think Doojoon is pretty much in a playful mode 😛

And why are you staring Doojoon like that Yoseob? XD

..because he is a nice caring boyfriend pretending that Hyunseung not exist XP

Some random pictures!

SPOT A COUPLE SWEATERS!  Their stylist noona must be a fan eh? 😛

You want to hold Doojoon’s hand or something? 😛

Yoseob, Doojoon is frustrated that you flirting with Hyori okay.

Credits: as tagged, happy231@tumblr , mischievousb@tumblr, b2utycube@tumblr, mybeastyboys9@youtube, ddakpul0105@youtube, Kgkung@youtube.


5 Responses to “Dooseob Random Moments #41”

  1. Kristine said

    You guys missed ONE small moment:

    LOOK really close at 2:53 …

    I call that Dooseob Moment becaouse my Eagle Eye saw it! OK?!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by ❥kyujing’, dooseoblove. dooseoblove said: Dooseob Random Moments #41: […]

  3. jundooseob said

    doojoon slap yoseob’s butt again? o.0 doojoon really love to play around with yoseob. btw you wouldn’t hurt cutie yoseob doojoonie? hehehehe

  4. Happy said

    Has anyone seen the video of the first gif yet?!!

  5. 0026myjeje said


    full of dooseob moment~!!! <33333

    i dunno, but i really like doojoon expression when he's frustated seeing yoseob flirting at hyori.. XDDDD

    it shows us that he could be jealous too.. XDDDD

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