Dooseob at GDA 2010

December 11, 2010

Serious stalking of  Dooseob moments at GDA. Can I have this job please?

Okay this video. Is it me or I think Yoseob realised that they were recorded? I mean after he moved to a new chair and whisper/talk something to Doojoon, Doojoon smile and sort of looking to camera direction. Idk 😛

I am so so glad and happy that they sat besides each other during the award dhow. YES!!

I post this video too because *gasp* they sort of holding each other hands @0.01 ( when they turn around to look at Dongwoon, look carefully at their hands, very fishy hmmm..)’



10 Responses to “Dooseob at GDA 2010”

  1. darlightangel16 said

    cute how at first they use to sit further away from each other and yoseob just decided to move so he can get closer.hehehe…he likes being with doojoon..although lately i must admit they are acting a little distant compared how they started

  2. ary said

    dooseob – always stay together…and me, luv it…

    p/s: the last vid – really happy to thing that they are holding hands but i watched it from another angle just now and it wasnt…T_T

  3. Kristine said

    eagle eyes!!! @_o On that last video of the ‘holding hands moment’… OMG!

  4. Happy said

    Have you seen this one? It has a lot of Dooseob than those video above but I don’t know why mybeastyboys9 didn’t upload it ‘_’

    • aedachucky said

      Ahh thank you for the video. I’ve uploaded the video. Yeah IKR? But I know that mybeastyboys9 might get the fancam from the Bermuda site, and I’m not sure if this video is from bermuda or not. Or maybe they just miss it. But yeah I love the fact where they sat besides each other 😉

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