Random OTP interview

December 19, 2010

Q: Within all the boys here, who has the most female fan?


YS: I feel that it should be Doojoon. Doojoon. I don’t know why everybody is pointing at me, but I feel that it’s Doojoon, because not only is he gentle and thoughtful, he is very friendly to female friends too. Not only girls, but to his seniors too. *Doojoon strokes Yoseob’s head while Junhyung pokes Doojoon’s* He can be a well-rounded person, therefore, he’s popular.

DJ: I think it’s Yoseob because he’s cute…”

Yoseob said Doojoon is thoughtful and gentle and Doojoon said Yoseob is cute. They just admire  and respect each other so much

Conclusion: Please…just get married, like now.

and Yoseob  I know you don’t want to lose Doojoon some other girls stop being humble XD

Credits: itsjustanie.tumblr.com, as tagged


13 Responses to “Random OTP interview”

  1. Sonia said


  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by dudu and dooseoblove. dooseoblove said: Random OTP interview: http://t.co/X0qhOSE […]

  3. LenGgiiee said

    So I just spent hours on end reading everything ever posted on this blog. And I don’t want to freak you guys out. But I think I’m in love with you. LOL!
    Also the fanfics are amazing (I’m actually really picky with fanfics, it’s so hard to find good DooSeob ones T_T) I died a little on the inside when I realised there was none left for me to read until the next update LOL T_T
    Keep up the great work!! 😛 DooSeob feels dead lately but I know it will be back! =D
    I don’t understand why I never found this blog earlier though. Will check this site everyday ❤
    xx Leng

    • Kristine said

      Awww, this calls for a GROUP HUG! ^w^

    • aedachucky said

      Hello Leng 🙂 Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for the support and you even backtrack and read everything!! I am so touched, and I’m so happy that you like the fic too as much as I do. Alia is currently busy so she’s unable to write anything for the time being. Just wait a little longer ok 😉 And oh it’s never too late to jump in the boat ok hahha don’t worry. Yeah I wish for more otp moments too huu.

      Oh yeah, love you too@!! Group hugs yayyy ( pull krissy together :p )

    • pseudoalia said

      OMAIGAAADDD *total creep mode on* you love my fanfics! You love em! 😀 thank you!!! And sorry i missed this comment ;__; but you love my fanfics! And this blog! And US TWINS! 😀

      Ok so this is what happens when i don’t write for so long and otp seems nearly too quiet ;__;

      Hang around sweetie, we’re always happy to have more people around here! ❤

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