Interesting B2ST facts..

January 12, 2011

or I said Dooseob facts!

Thank you to Lishen for sharing this 🙂

A fan gave doojoon a bread and asked him to pass to yoseob. doojoon: “yoseob doesn’t eat bread” and then, ate it…

六名成员同时移动的时候,梁耀燮不小心要在台阶上摔倒之际,及时地抓住了尹斗俊的裤子,结果尹斗俊的裤子被扯了下来连under都看到了(= =”)后面的成员狂笑。梁耀燮赶紧逃跑,气坏了的尹斗俊一抓到梁耀燮就疯狂臀踢(一种以膝盖攻击对方臀部的技术XDDD)

when yoseob was about to fall down on the stage, he grabbed doojoon’s pants, putting it down and revealed doojoon’s underwear. (=.=ll) the other members burst into laughter at the back. yoseob quickly fled, but an angered doojoon caught up with him and attacked yoseob’s butt with his knees

one day a fan passed yoseob a stack A4 papers, “oppa! this is beast’s fanfic. please take a look”. as yoseob was all smiley when he reads it, doojoon: “what’s so interesting? let me read it too” and snatched it. afterwhich he did not talk a single word with junhyung nor yoseob for a week… because it was a junseob fic.

后来又有饭给fanfic,尹斗俊生气地说别给了给来干嘛呢,那又是一部龙燮fanfict…不过梁耀燮收下fanfict的时候都微笑 着对饭90度问候
subsequently, another fan gave yoseob a fanfic. doojoon furiously commented why is it a fanfic again… its another junseob fanfic… yoseob smiled when he accepted the fanfic and gave the fan a 90 degree bow.<—THIS. IT’S OKAY DOOJOON, NUNA WILL PRINT YOU ALL OF MY DOOSEOB FANFICS!!! WHO WANTS TO PASS THEM TO THE BOYS? XDDD

credit: 龙爷的CP我都爱 @ 龙燮吧
source: 腾讯某空间里

translated by sameth@soompi

Oh oh and HQ version!! ❤ and AJ you are supossed to sleep on Dongwoon’s lap okay


8 Responses to “Interesting B2ST facts..”

  1. The 1st one made me laugh. Silly, dorky Doojoon XD
    2nd- He attacked Seobie’s butt with his knees??? Well, he could also “punish” Yoseob another way by finishing what Seobie started, y’know… /nudges
    Aigoo, all these Junseob fics. Let’s start printing all the fanfics here and all the ones on livejournal.
    Go go go~!!! XD

    • aedachucky said

      Yeah, he was like, Seobie stuff is mine too 😛

      OMG WHY YOU MAKE ME GRIN WITH YOUR COMMENT!! OMG *is brain dead* yes finish what Seobie has started, or maybe he finished once the were alone 😛

      IKR? Doojoon and Yoseob need to know the existence of good Dooseob fic ! THEY MUST! ;__;

    • Because every OTP fan likes a good pervy fic/comment once in a while XD
      Or maybe, at home later, he could be like, “You pulled down my pants, eh? So, in return, I’ll pull down yours!” Etc., etc. XD

  2. Lishen said

    @aeda: you live in malay? if yes, you can print all dooseob’s fics here and give it to them before/after DiGi concert tomorrow ^^

    yeah, kikwang sleep in wrong lap <_<

  3. _speshurl said


  4. lydz said

    OHMYGOSH this is like forever cute!!!! <3333
    how do they know that doojoon didnt speak to junseob for a week??

  5. yoo Hwa said

    yeah2…. that’s what i wanna ask too~~
    how did they know that Dyudyu didn’t speak to Jun and Yoyo for a week?? *curious*


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