January 13, 2011

Yoseob : Will Doojoon like this pose? Hmmm *think*..


*continue staring at the pic, think inappropriate stuff FTW* XD


8 Responses to “Errr..”

  1. _speshurl said

    I asked him btw, he didn’t give us a clueeeeee T.T

  2. nao_AJ said

    alone in a huge room..
    just sleep bb, doo will be come to you at night /crazy for imagine dooseob night kkk xD

  3. So here, Yoseob is waiting for Doojoon so they can take care of Seobie waiting for leader so they can eat meat XD
    Don’t worry, as usual, I’m thinking pervy thoughts too XD

  4. Kristine said

    That is one BIG bad for you baby YoSeob.
    Must share it with DooJoon ASAP! >_<

    p.s. omo omo fluffy bad does things to my brain!!!!

  5. Noon said

    He said in his tweet that he has no room mate… poor baby….

  6. Happy said

    Aigoo~~ Yoseob tweeted Doojoon pics in the room today so probably Dooseob’s sharing the same room ^__^ hehe

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