OTP GIFs from SMA 2011

January 23, 2011

Oh Doojoon you’re such a strong man.


..aaaanyway.. all this lifting and piggyback and backhugged. It all look so oh natural hmmm . I wonder what else did you guys practiced back in the dormitary >D ( hokey calm down)

Credits: mdiary.tumblr, mischievousb.tumblr


7 Responses to “OTP GIFs from SMA 2011”

  1. LenGgiiee said

    Haha Doojoon was only using the situation as an excuse to give Yoseob a piggyback in public ;D

  2. Kristine said

    Gifs always show how much skinship there is in such a short moment!! @_@

  3. jundooseob said

    wow…dooseob feel like they in their own world huh? piggyback and backhug in public? ckckckck NICE ^^

  4. adeliumluvz said

    Sorry is that Minhwan carrying Hongki at the side? *eyes strained*

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