DooSeob Moments at Mr. Teacher

February 10, 2011

He has his hands all over his bb. ALL OVER!!!!! <333

Credit: yoonbeast@tumblr . Originally posted here


9 Responses to “DooSeob Moments at Mr. Teacher”

  1. Kristine said

    He just can’t take his hands off of Yoseob! -_-

  2. piglovedooseob said

    Kyaaa~~~~~SOOOO CUTE~~~~His hand just can’t take out of his bb Seobbi~~~~:) Awww soo sweet~~~I watch this clip and just wanna find dooseob and finally there is!!!!I’m sooo happy~~~~~Love DooSeob 4Ever~~~~

  3. 0026myjeje said

    Just notice there’s junhyung behind gayoon n jihyun..
    LOL.. sorry junhyung.. i’m too focus to DooSeob~ 8DDDDDD

  4. I see this as Doojoon making sure 4minute doesn’t try to lay hands on HIS Seobie XD
    Hehe, love it: 4minute (my favorite girl group), and my OTP!!!!! <33333333

  5. pseudoalia said

    i know i’m supposed to only focus on the dooseob-ness, but I ALSO SEE DOOJOON’S MUSCLES AND THAT IS…THAT IS…



  6. Happy said

    Touch touch touch haha Doojoon just can’t get his hand off Yoseob <3333

  7. helloimtsm said

    he afraid tht if he take his hand of his bb he will lose him (:
    Kekeke as we all knw
    doojoon is a very protective bf. And i repeat…. VERY protective and bias especially if it concerns bb seobie!!!

  8. _speshurl said

    possessive much, yoon doojoon? 😉

  9. nao_AJ said

    touching what his right 🙂
    show us more yoondoo~ :*

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