Totally dating! :P

March 13, 2011

Hmmm..going for a date? XD

p/s: Love Yoseob’s bagpack ❤

Credits: as tagged, Mari aka neitoperhonen@twitter, thank you for sharing! ^^


3 Responses to “Totally dating! :P”

  1. 0026myjeje said


  2. Kristine said

    ok, after scrolling up and down like some crazy lunatic I even made up, a story line, in my head.

    here goes: in the first one doojoon’s hand looks like he is reaching for yoseob’s, he really want to hold hans, really really!!! … and then in the second one doojoon looks like he is too shy to do it, he stretches his hand and brings it to his head, rubbing the back of his neck a little, so in the 3rd pic he decides to just walk beside him, nevermind the hand-holding part, he is happy just to walk side by side… … …

    ok, THIS SUCKS! ignore me! -_-

  3. _speshurl said

    I miss OTP so I come here….

    OTP’s totally dating ❤
    but Doojoon is too shy~~~~~ awww :"3

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