The fanvid that sure will make you..

April 3, 2011

-go dizzy

-be happy

-squealing like mad

-grinning like a total idiot :B

– hurt your face  BECAUSE of you grinning like a total idiot!!

wish you are Yoseob

– go majhdjkhkueyuieyuideyruyeiorueous!


– say “what is air? All I know ish OTP heaven”

– *insert more*

All thanks to pseudoalia for making this squealworthy fanvid! XD


6 Responses to “The fanvid that sure will make you..”

  1. 0026myjeje said

    I’ll add on more..

    – i wanna be doojoon who could kiss yoseob whenever he wants.. ._____.

    /slap myself/

    owh.. i can’t watch this on phone..
    gonna watch it first then i’ll leave a proper comments.. >_____<

  2. _speshurl said

    you just listed my reactions dundundun.
    yoseob can we change place…… omg you lucky spoiled boy /envying you

    otp <3333333334

  3. applesncrack said

    Best fanvid ever <3333
    I think I will forever be flailing over this
    And honestly I don't know who I am more jealous of XD

  4. pigloveb2st said

    Why i feel soooooo HAPPY, CRAZY ans Scream like a CRAZY Fanfirl while watching this??????^^ Like Seob’s expression alot!!!!!I watch it again and again!!! This is the best DooSeob’s moment ever!!! DooSeob the winner!!!Never doubt about this cp~~~^^
    Waiting for more dooseob in the future~~:x 😡 😡

  5. Sevyn said

    there is only one thing to say.


    that is all.

    *leaves so she can die in peace*

    it’s what any followed-dooseob-since-predebut fan could have ever dreamed of~!!! *happy tears* this is the fanservice we wanteddddddd~!!!! and waited for!! i can die a happy fan now *fades away into eternity*

    lol jk xD okay i’m done~


  6. Kristine said

    I have a very stupid smile on my face right now… and it’s Monday. WTH?!

    DooSeob does things to my brain!!!!

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