Another miscellanous OTP post ^_^

May 26, 2011

Yoseob is such a cute spoilt kid putting his head onDoojoon’s shoulder yahh!!!

…and where is Junhyung leaving Hyunseung all alone with them.It should have been a double date!!

omg the girl got dooseb photo on her phone ajhsfghsf! THEY ARE TOTALLY COUPLE MATERIAL JUST LOOK AT THEM ā¤


5 Responses to “Another miscellanous OTP post ^_^”

  1. 0026myjeje said

    dooseob on a date n hyunseung as the date maker.. XD

    and that girl got dooseob photo on her phone.. me want that too~!!!

  2. sevy-chan said

    *squeals over dooseob momentarily before switching over to stanning hyunseung* HYUNSEUNG WAE U TROLLING MY DOOSEOB LATELY AND MAKING ME NOT PAY ATTENTION TO IT OH WAE?!

    lol unni’s this is the only place i still hard-core stan BEAST xD it is my refuge. and it is the TRUTH!! *looks back at first pic // squints* but who is that a cut-out of behind them..????

    • aedachucky said

      Aaaaa helluuu Sevy bb..thank you for still coming here and leave us comments and spazzing here. I realised it almost year we have you around bb.*hugsss* and your forever conflicted over Hyunseung is still amusing kekeke. Thank you so much for the support bb *hugsss* .

      Hahaa that card board cut out us actually se7en, they went to se7en chicken shop called yeolbong during their date hahah šŸ˜‰

      • sevy-chan said

        ^^ hi-yeom unni <333333 omo that long? wowow we might need to have an anniversary celebration xDDD!!!!! and lol yes. forever conflicted. HYUNSEUNG WHY ARE YOU SO SLDVN OWIESDVN OIWEFSVW!!???! TT^TT i still cherish the fancam of him that you gave me. i will watch it every year on my birthday 5 times, and at least once a month *shot* xD but seriously. and ofc!! this is one of the few places online i love dearly and without any regret or pain. i will support it until computers and internet no longer exist TT~TT!!!

        LMNOPPPPPPP OMG IT'S SE7EN HAHAHAHA *full nickname is sevyn* IT'S MEEEE *shot* lol jk. but that's so cute xDDD!!!

  3. prettydujun said

    you shouldn’t go with them Hyunseung..didn’t you feel alone? lol xD

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