Mass OTP post!

June 28, 2011

Since we’ve been missing for 2 weeks 😛


10 Facts you need to know about them (in case still don’t know :P)

Fact 1: Yoseob love touching Doojoon’s butt and Doojoon enjoying it very much it’s nothing new! 😉

Fact 2: Have they ever learn anything? Never ever join Dooseob tag team..

or else you will be left forever alone…  ( Seungie was like..Doojoon why are you so bias like this, and where is Junhyung when I need him to smack these two XD)

Fact 3: They like to tease each other and  play it rough hmmm hmmm >D

Fact 4: It’s a couple thing ^^


Black yellow couple Shirt

Same dorky pose *roll eyes*

and all the little cute things they’s just a couple thing okay 😉

Fact 5: Of course they love their fans so much for loving their love affair kekekke XD

Fact 6: They like to squish so close with each other! 😛

Fact 7: Akjasjkdhkdh they always look so good together!



Clich here to read the rest of the translated Dooseob Doujinshi. Thank you to honeystella 🙂

Fact 9: They like to sneak behind everyone’s back..

oohh like we can’t see you guys there 😛

Fact 10: The neverending flirting on twitter is driving us nuts!

Credits goes to : honeystella, joker-jhthetwin-jun,, neitoperhonen,dudunim, blockb2st, kikwang-, doojoongetinme, B2utygirls@youtube, B2STLYTWEETS@twitter, as tagged ( we hope we don’t miss anyone in the credit, but if we do please tell us okay? ^^)

Oh this post is also dedicated to a new friend of mine that I met in Seoul recently. Hello Emma!!!! *waves* :DDDD I hope you’ve arrived safely in Sweden and enjoy this post. I know you’ve been missing Dooseob moments since you went away for a trip right? So happy to meet you “Random Panda” 😛


6 Responses to “Mass OTP post!”

  1. 0026myjeje said


    owh unnie.. you have to add today's twitter convo, too!
    seobie suddenly miss doojoon n vice versa.. XD
    they just bumps in when the jun-hara news is out.. LOL..
    seobie wants dooseob to be announce too.. XDDDDD

    i love this 10 facts about dooseob~ <33333333

    • aedachucky said

      Aww thank you Putty :DDD sorry for replying this late and not posting for quite sometimes. -_-;; Glad that you still like the post although it is late. OMG yes Alia told me about the Yosoeb missing Doojoon and vice versa but i can’t find it on B2stlytweets! It’s okay i already found it on Tumblr and will make a post later (yes late post again >.<) Yoseob being so obvious and mentioning doojoon's name and not the rest of the boys, that is so obvious!! <33

  2. Random Panda said

    Kyaaaaaa!!~ My Seoul-mate (wasn’t that clever btw?)
    I’m so honoured to get a shout out, teheee! My trip back home went great, I’m off to work actually in an hour or so… blergh…
    I really have missed dooseob! It’s great to be back just because of that 😉 Such a Random coincidence to have met you… WOW! Random Panda is sooo happy.
    Oh! Btw, no more Junseob… heard the news? Jipee! Great day for Dooseob shippers.
    Wanna read the doujinshi… can’t seem to find it.

    Waaaah! Yoseob omma!!! One of my favourite memories from our time in Seoul. Hwaiting!

    • aedachucky said

      EMMMAAAA!!! :DDD HUGSSSS I will always cherish that random moments in Seoul from going to Seobie’s mum’s place till the moment that I know you are one of the reader of this page ( you almost squish me to death okay lololol but I am happy to be squish XD). So random and it was so fun! Good to know you travel back safely..and yes going back to work too? aww..we all have to work for the money. It’s okay we OTP to cheer us around!

      and of course I heard about Junhyung 0_0 still surprise me, my Junseung heart is a bit heartbroken but at least we are safe from err..Junseob moments? 😛

  3. Kristine said

    *reading all this two times and laughing like an idiot* <_<

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