Athlete Yoon and Athlete Yang

November 26, 2011

When you get Yoon Doojoon and Yang Yoseob playing soccer together in FC Men, you know you could expect some DooSeob moments <333333

DooseobLove presents, Athlete Yoon and Athlete Yang!! 😀

P.S: right click the pictures and open in a separate windows for better view! 🙂





I see you dnw to be separated from your bb, Seob 😉


KSADJKASJDLASJDAS SPAZZ WITH ME???? B””””DDD Aww lovers quarrel guiseee <333333

We need gifs for this, right? RIGHT?? 8DDD



8DDD alright!



Highfive yo B)




And of course we need video!



teheeee ;D <333333


cr. Yobsesion, YoseoBEAM, junlips@tumblr, yosoon@tumblr, dooseobholic@tumblr, dooseobholic@YT, angelyys05@YT


3 Responses to “Athlete Yoon and Athlete Yang”

  1. ruby123 said

    Thanks for coming back again!I was so worried that this site was dead or something!Glad that you guys are back!!!

  2. 0026myjeje said

    athlete yoon & athlete yang are the BEST!!! 8DDDDD

  3. kachus said

    Ohhh finally ❤
    So happy that you're on it again!

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